Clarkwoods Literary Universe

The Clarkwoods Literary Universe is a fictional universe where time travel is possible, reality is cyclical, and the world as we know it is just slightly off. It is the work of author & illustrator E. Christopher Clark.

Destiny has a hold on them. But when their entire bloodline is threatened, will the bold actions of two fearless women trigger catastrophic consequences?

The Dance of Dreams is the triumphant conclusion to The Stains of Time series by E. Christopher Clark, a suburban fantasy set in the late 1990s and the first twenty years of the 21st century. Join the Silver Family as they travel through time, confront the ghosts of their pasts, and try to right the wrongs of generations gone by.


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The Dance of Dreams

Meet the Heroines

Veronica Silver - Portrait.jpg
Tracy Silver - Portrait.jpg
Robin Gates - Portrait.jpg
Ashley Silver by E. Christopher Clark
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Medium shot from the front of the five female heroines of The Stains of Time book series, each of them staring at the camera

The Stains of Time

A suburban fantasy…with time travel

Land of Eden Group Shot FINAL.jpg

The Land of Eden

A post-apocalyptic portal fantasy

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