Clarkwoods Literary Universe

15 August 2021

The Clarkwoods Literary Universe is a fictional universe where time travel is possible, reality is cyclical, and the world as we know it is just slightly off. It is the work of author & illustrator E. Christopher Clark.
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Magical Realism, LGBT Romance, and Family Drama

What Happens When a Piano Falls From the Sky?

Pregnant at sixteen, Veronica Silver was torn from the girl she loved and shoved into a loveless marriage with the father of her child. But when a piano falls from the sky and triggers a harrowing journey down memory lane, can Veronica rewrite history? Or will her actions simply destroy her beloved daughter and uproot their entire family tree?


Indulge Your Suburban Fantasies!

In my books, regular folks get to travel through time, confront the ghosts of their pasts, and right the wrongs of generations gone by.


But sometimes, when those folks go too far, the universe fights back and turns reality inside out. And that’s when you end up with some rather odd stories indeed.


Books About Regular Folks


Books Where Things Get Weirder

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The Seven Wives of Silver cover

Worldbuilding Since 1977

I’ve been building this shared universe of stories for as long as I can remember. If you’re the awesome sort of person who likes to get lost in wikis and big coffee-table books about the worlds you love, here’s how to get lost in mine…

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