The One True Goddess

Inda Michaelson, formerly Inda Silver (and also known to some as Inda of the Mount), is The One True Goddess of the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. She is first identified as such in the short story “House of Thrones, Game of Cards,” but the reason for this title is not given in those pages.


Inda earned her title by winning the first ever game of cards played in The Game Room of the Earth-669 iteration of reality. This made her the de facto leader of the House of Thrones, and therefore the most powerful woman in existence. When asked how she wanted to be addressed, the teenager—with all the angst, ennui, and melodrama in her body—proclaimed that she should be known as The One True Goddess.


She killed the first person who laughed by pummeling him to death with the leg of his throne—which she broke off with her bare hands. No one laughed after that.


When not busy ruling the universe with an iron fist, she steps out of The Strumpet’s Sister and masquerades as an unassuming bookstore clerk in the city of Honolulu—where she can keep an eye on the couple who were supposed to be her parents.


Before She Was a Goddess…

A survivor of The Calamity at the end of the Earth-668 iteration of reality, Inda Silver became permanently unstuck in time when the reboot into the Earth-669 iteration resulted in her Earth-668 father (Michael Silver) being rendered infertile—thus eliminating the possibility of Inda ever being born in this new version of reality.


Thrashing about in the rapids of The River Without End as she watched this new version of reality play out, Inda swam to shore fueled by anger and stormed inside the first building she could find—The Strumpet’s Sister—intent on demanding answers.


She was directed upstairs by The Barkeep and told to talk to the newly assembled House of Thrones if answers were she wanted. “We don’t serve truth down here,” he said. “We serve lies.”


When asked for her name at the door to The Game Room, Inda rechristened herself with a patronymic for her surname, becoming Inda Michaelson. When asked for her homeland, for the name of the kingdom for which she’d be playing, she said “The Mount,” recalling the White Mountains hideaway her atheist father had taken her to after the rise of Jesus 2.0.


The Powers of the Goddess

As seen in the story “House of Thrones, Game of Cards,” Inda is capable of reading minds and altering reality to a limited extent (changing the color of The Veil of the World in one instance, and altering the composition of a deck of cards in another). But she won the Game Room’s first game so fast and so furiously—having become quite the card shark under the tutelage of her Earth-668 mother Jenna Worthing—that she doesn’t know if these powers were there from the moment she fished herself out of the river, or if they were bestowed upon her by the universe for winning the game.


And given that she has no intent of giving up her seat of power to someone else, she’s not sure if she’ll ever know.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The One True Goddess
Currently Held Titles
Nashua, New Hampshire
Current Residence
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