1D4 Wolves

1D4 Wolves is a halfling heavy metal band which has been famous throughout Eden since the days of the First Interregnum.


Though they’ve undergone dozens of line-up changes over the centuries—necessitated by the fact that even halflings live 126 years tops—the spirit of the group has never changed. They aim to rock your face off, no matter the cost.


And then, of course, to provide you with a new face at the concession stand on the way out of the venue—if you can afford one, that is.



What’s your favorite 1D4 Wolves song? Leave a comment below.

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Author's Notes

This article’s title was inspired by a World Anvil livestream on December 4, 2021 during which WA’s Dimi and Janet interviewed Andru, founder of GACUCon.

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28 Dec, 2021 13:38

Bad Wolf, Worst Wolf.

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
28 Dec, 2021 14:23

Nice! I love the guitar solo on that one.

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Grandmaster zpires
jyliet +& maddy zpires
28 Dec, 2021 15:21

"failure: succeeded" was the first album i listened to, and i'll never get that opening song out of my head. nothing beats the chorus in "wicked witches get stitches."

love, jyliet & maddy
Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
28 Dec, 2021 17:48

Oh, hells yes! I love how that one calls back to "All the Hags I've Loved Before."

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28 Dec, 2021 18:41

I have to say their classic song from the summer of '69 is still my favorite: Bard With A 1d8 Sword

Mark Laybolt
28 Dec, 2021 18:42

I can't remember any of their songs but their biopic "The Natural Ones: A Rapid Descent from Chart Toppers to the Acid Pits" was phenomenal.

28 Dec, 2021 19:07

We're Not Gonna Take It (When you can see us) ~ Twisted Sister

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28 Dec, 2021 20:00

‘War Piglets’ is a classic. Gotta respect the original lineup.

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29 Dec, 2021 04:08

Gotta admire the guitar work in "Through the Fireballs and Flames." And "Living on an Orison" is legend.

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Master LordGalakrond
Lord Galakrond
29 Dec, 2021 04:34

I gotta admit, I loved "Rolling For A Prayer" and "Don't Stop Deceiving" both are all time house favorites around here!

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