Bad Poetry Night

A family of secrets. A writer who can’t keep his mouth shut. An olive branch in the form of book no one will understand anyway.


Matthew Silver has been publishing books about his family for years, and staging plays about their exploits in the barn of their ancestral home on Cape Cod for even longer than that. But when the father who disowned him years before suggests a long-desired reconciliation might finally be possible, if only Matt will attack someone other than his family in the next book, can Matt stay civil long enough to rebuild burnt bridges?


Presenting his father with the collection of poetry that will be his next publication, Matt crosses his fingers. But he knows there are parts of the manuscript that will touch a nerve in the old man, no matter how thickly veiled they are. And as much as Matt wants his father to forgive him, what he wants even more than that is for Dad to finally listen.


Will Matt’s attempt to play nice reunite a father and son long divided, or will his cutting words only drive them further apart?


Bad Poetry Night is the first collection of poetry by the novelist E. Christopher Clark. If you like unconventional storytelling, characters with zero filter, and irreverent humor, then you’ll love the first poetry collection by this fearless and defiant writer.


Read Bad Poetry Night today to find out what happens when Herman Melville meets the Monkees and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s invades the dreams of Donald J. Trump.


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Author: E. Christopher Clark

Published: 24 April 2018

Unless otherwise specified, all artwork on this site is by E. Christopher Clark.


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