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The Waters of the River Without End

The Waters of The River Without End are the most powerful substance in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. They exist in trace amounts in every body of water throughout the cosmos, and in slightly higher concentrations in rivers and streams—which are thought by some to spill directly from the River Without End itself, through some mechanism as yet undiscovered.


Common Usage

The uses of this substance are numerous, but notable examples include:


Physical Characteristics

The substance appears identical to normal water with only one notable exception: if a person stares into a flat body of it for long enough, they will be able to see across time and space. Who they’ll see in the reflection seems to be mostly out of the viewer’s control, though it is believed that the “magic mirrors” of fairy tales and folklore originated from tales of this phenomenon.



The substance originates from aforementioned River Without End, which is a celestial body surrounding the current iteration of reality. As such, obtaining the substance is rather difficult and is made possible only by the arrival on a normal river’s banks of The Strumpet’s Sister—a pub which bridges time and space, and which appears to have a cosmic significance second only to the River.


The Waters of the River Without End are readily available to anyone willing to brave the back alley behind the Strumpet’s Sister. But when the Sister is not present, availability of the substance is far more limited. The amount of it available in the regular water is entirely dependant on how recently the Sister departed the area.

Elemental / Molecular
Boiling / Condensation Point
212 °F
Melting / Freezing Point
32 °F
Common State


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