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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a food-focussed event in your world and describe how it's celebrated.
A total of 311 entries

SC2020 - The Planet and Ocean tea

Harvest festival

The festival of florentem segetem bonis

Bake Tournament of Crusta

Silverwheat Harvest Festival

Cloudscale Festival

The Dewberry Festival

The Feast of the Water Gardens

Summer Nights in Port Etela

Harvest Close Festival

The Queen's Millionth Birthday

Cactus Bloom Festival

Kajh Pepper Pickling

Kathar Penym a-Nur (Hidden Face of the Moon)

Clam Shell Festival

Kuo Toa Munch Munch Day

Die Ankunft der Wale

The Hecatite Cheesecake Festival

General Yuki's Last Stand

The Cloudberry Harvest

Yorktown Harvest Fair

le concours culinaire de Kamito

The Feast of Aligned Worlds

The Feast of Community

High-hollow Celebration

Longest Night and the Celebration of Merchants- Crossroads

Verdanian Harvest Festival

Sun's Splendour Festival

Festival of Colors

The Underground Auction

Mid Harvest Festival

Festival of Milios

Earthly Resupply

Feast of the Pumpkin King

Northguard Union Harvest Festival

The Turn of the Equinox or Fleur's Day

Leafling Willowing Gatherings -- (Willowings)

UMLOT Cultural Exchange Festival

Imperial Conference of Delectables

Festival of Cuisine (Karq)

Reapers Return Festival

Feast of White Tail

Arenam Market Events

El Festival del Queso de Asata

Aranama Earth Festival

[Cassava Day of Harvest]

Grand Feast of Strength

The Festival of Novus

The Festival of Blood and Souls

The Jones Family’s Baháʼí Holidays

The Days of False Famine

Harvest Festival

Celebration of The Gods

Festival of Gathering

Akilinia Seafood Festival

The Feast Of The Mighty Serpent

A Formal Mancunian Supper

Celebración del Dios Soma

The Festival of Good Harvest

Wheatcutting Celebration

The Week of the Unknown

Zarahemla Festival of Tastes

Sweet-Snow Challenge

The Fermentation Festival

Llegada de los Mercantes

Mora's Autumn Festival

Festival of the Bees

Vítnifi Festival

Festival of Plenty

Festival of the Rebirth

Return of the Sun Festival

Royal Vintner's Gala

Sea-Swell Festival

The Great Nenuph Fish-Fry

Wild Berry Mead Harvest

Feast for the Lost Souls

T'rzi Wedding Feast

Fall Apple Festival

Festin de rappel-vaillance

Honey Cake Festival

Winter Pickling Festival

Burning the First Crop

Harvest Home Festival Cookoff

Dance of the Cows

The Convergence Feast

The City of Churiss Cultural Festival

High Stacks, Low Fat

Harvest of the Forest

Moniqan day of the peaches

Lobster Eve Fights at the Lusty Minotaur

Festival of Grenlow

Bounty of the Sea Festival

Autumn Harvest Festival

Green Man's Bounty

Nyre Fishing Festival

The last thunder

Festival of abundance

Aqradan, la saison frugale

Winter Solstice in Llyn

Feast of the Fallen Leaves

Cheese of the Month

Yondalla’s Boundless Table

Das Frühlingsfest

Celebration of Life

Greenwitch/ Beltane/ Thanksgiving (placeholder name)

Ira Eoga: Feat of Food

Kaz'miir Iinai'nai Mid-Summer Festival

Last Night - First Morning

7 Feasts of the Bright One

Stalya Food Market

Hotaru Park Soba Day

The Fresh Food Feast

End-of-Year Food Fight

The Spudbarrow Strawberry Festival

The Sour Cebaco Fruit Challenge

Nature's Bounty Festival

Chocolate Festival

The Lemon Festival of Eshadama [WASC2020]

The Lyndale Berry Festival

Festival of the Huntsman

The Gourd Festival

The Thousand Sugar Festival

Lakeshore Wine Festival

The Sharing of Food and Drink

Lochfort's Reclamation Day (SC'20)

Prompt 25: The Feast of the Fellowship

Nderbikii Mammoth Feast

the festival of harvest

The festival of the Harvest Moon

The Three-Roads Cooking Festival

Lirean's Feast of New Life

Cannibal Appreciation Day

The food festival of passion

Potluck Firecracker Festival

International Food Day

The Festival of Harvests

Gobertow's Basket Crawl

Feast of Strangers

Mushroom Harvest Festival

The Banquets of Horenhall High Society

The Blissful Beneficial Sacrifice