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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe any condition or disease for which a cure has recently been developed.
A total of 290 entries

SC2020 – World Edge Pollen Prion

"Fuzzy Brain" Disease

Hatred of Wilderness

Cystisoma Ritusious

Palesight Syndrome

Firal Descendent's Mark

le tempête vicérale

Stinkfoot Syndrome

The Black Rapture

Butter's Tonic (SC'20)

Feralism in Lycanthropes

Makuro Worm Infestation

Bubbling Fingers

Tannheuser Technoplague

Cure People's Disagreement With You! -- (The Network probably)


Solid blood disease

Füstölgő ragyaverés

Enfermedad Imejo

Amputation / Dismemberment

Magic Deprivation (Common Magic)

High Altitude Sickness

Biqawo Re Korukua (Yellow Powder Sickness)

Mystical withdrawal

Sailor's Root used against drowning

Swamp Feet Disease

Biological Distortion

Infant Magic Syndrome

Introspect Scrying

Pregnancy in Serukis

Ki Disruption Type 3

A Cure for the Wasting

Corruption of the Dark Coast

Witches Crust Fungal Eye Infections

Augment Radiation

Irakroyo: The Fat Gobblers

Wildcat Syndrome

Manne-Kyn Infertility

An Orchestrated Cure

Anomalous Consumption

Picornic Viral Myelitis

Crimson Root Fever

Amputations during the Great War

The Wasting (The Fairy's Malediction) [WASC2020]

Karathigan Reproductive

Gloomroot spores

Symbiotic Rheumatism

Cahalavii (Blue Aging)

Yellow Blood Plague

The Kivhier plauge

The Red Rage, and the Fury that Follows

Gorgonic Petrification

Blight of the Oldest One

Febris Vitae Ambustia

Stunted Adult Syndrome (S.A.S.)

Prompt 27: The Haze

Paleblight: Storm-Twisting

Magical Radiation Poisoning

Human-specific Decay

Sanguineiem Pice A.K.A. Pitch Blood

Transitory Ungrounding

Shatter Bone Fever

The Petrifying Disease

Severe Radiation Dependency