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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a species in your world that is bred or farmed for a high-value resource.
A total of 330 entries

SC2020 - Power eel / Wire eel.

Dhogameshian Pinetree

Ling, Magling, Jokling

The Show Peacocks of Arazar

Peacocks, a levied luxury

The Pagloan Mastiff - Paggly - Smoke Dog

Die Schmetterlingsspinne

Schwarzes Rohrgold

Araignées géantes de Uamh

Domesticated Phoenix Fire -- (several worlds)

Sharbran Tree (Silver Oak)

Lizard's Archipelago Javelin Flapper

Impossible rabbits

Big Sounders (Scallops)

Lormontai Illusionists

Fleshwarped Dregs

Gurri feketepatás gazella

Domestic Metalspinner

Iridescent Silverfish

Nonogawan Mochigome


Flying Elephants

Indigofeathered Royalgryphon

Greater Western Giant Silk Moths

The Emerald Eye Beetle

Strelishian Gemstone Crab

The White Mountain Goats


Great Plains Cattle

Bubbling Bovines and Their Mighty Milk

Tziligherta Scultona

Violet-Lipped Pearl Oyster (Krobeshan Oyster)

Jeweled Constructor Ants

Bannes Honey Bees

Volierian Longneck Sheep

Champignon Fort-simplet

Taruvian Cave Snail

Larzy Pikoće, Red Lilies

Lykki | Mineral Searching Moles from Rhendoria

Aculepeira Marmorea

Woolly White Coral Mushroom

Cotton of Trilenius WASC2020

Hexworm & Incarnation Moth

Jhoutaioan Wheat

Sunstreak Aeolamen

Giant Voyager Snail

Risakjötúr - Riesenrinder

Mezaela Fanged Turtles

Viridian Brilliant-Firecrest

Gemstone Butterflies

Silverscale Trout

The Wonders of Pixie Wyverns

Mark of the Teen

Jem'Hal Sight Hound

Tasty, Tasty Blood (SC'20)

Maw Ûmendmeld (Capybara)

Mountain Hummers

Araignées solstisseuses

The Kruka Atu, a most valuable bird

Rostral Grand Sheep

Agriculture in the Reedlands