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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about an unassuming character who secretly controls things from behind the scenes.
A total of 299 entries

SC2020 – Kligrovar, secretary of the Black Hand / The Spider

Uriah Zivan, cloud giant eunuch high priest

Lua Ria Tavern Owners spaghetti -- (Red Nectar)

Nesi Re-Marr, the Whispering Peeress

Cyran "Sweet-Tooth" Valentine

Senator “Hastus Tarribus”

Ismenia de'Rossi, the Idealist

Ivgren’athor the Trickster

The Goblin Priest of Goz Tik'as

Arora of Clan Riverwrights

The Duality of Tiil Qwaapip & Qiik

Vishetessanta, The Last Man of Sonorah

Anastasia Tomas (nee Slatten)

Sir Bekezela Shange, Captain of the Dusk Patrol

Wymon Rawkin, a mere street-sweep?

Zaros Calaro The Maestro of Riddles

The King of the Animals [WASC2020]

UnAssumingCharacter MerchantGuildAntiBacker

Venga Wetere: Harmony Hunters' Logistics Coordinator

Francisco de Paula Santander

Amemnon, Sage of the Underdark

Sarrif - Upwardly Mobile (SC'20)

Dereck Thalend, the Child of Chaos

Siglinde von und zu Schönigenteich-Güldenbergen

Masud Samnang, Potluck King