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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a famous agreement, contract or treaty that shaped the history of your world.
A total of 276 entries

The Treaty to End the 300 Year War

The Treaty of Efflis

King Julthmar's Promise

Covenant of the Crowns

Agreement of the Lasting Peace

Fal Uafrúl Smuggling Agreement

Contract of Expansion

Articles of the Golyan Confederation

Treaty of the 22 Year War

The Arcane Compromise

The Accords of Nugalalutila and Mar-Yun-Nirga

Eryndlyn Trade Agreement

Treaty of Brandemburg

The Free Cities Compact

SC2020 - The Foundation of the City Senate

The Treaty of Protection

Ehevertrag von Maron und Daenerys

Aureia Magic Reforms

The falling city treaty

The Compact of Kings

The Treaty of Phellia

Le Pacte de l'Undae

Nyarlathotep's Tome

The Echolas-Asrayian Accords

Der Vertrag von Liebertas

Constitution of the Federal Republic of Eastern Europe

La Segunda Alianza de las Fauces

Albish human peace treaty

Treaty of Durranmouth

The Ellington-Cottingly Beldam Charter

The Tradepact of the Consortiums

Alliance of the Elementals and QuannaCallin

Aedoteerua: The Soul Chain

Agreement of the Ancients

The Treaty of Exalos

The Callisto Agreement

Undead Plague Avoidance

The Lords' Alliance

The Oath of Tyndareus

The founding of Salike

The Pact of Corporations

Extraplanar Conclave Agreement

Tratado de la Sangre Real

Union of the Kingdoms of the Mire Empire

'The Collective Magic Usage Pact'

Doctrines of the Mages College

Peace Treaty of Kal Empire and Ashpon Coast

The Burgin Pact with George Washington

Foxdale Concords of 294 OA

Treaty of Liremund and Skiasau, dated ---

The Sapphire Isle Concordat.

The Declarative Articles

The Treaty of Crain's Rock

Donation of Be Chuille

The Fae's Peace Treaty

The Pact of Abstention

Concord of the Elements

Treatise of Adoriege

The ValuSelu Pact

Ultimatum of Fundamental Will

Asayo-Djemndarra Accords

The Treaty of the five nations.

Draconic Unification Treaty

The Great Family Accords

Quiet Stone Treaty

The Forester-Veren Unification Treaty

Brahmaputra Refugee Bill

Pact of High Rock

Prompt 32: Treaty of Unity

The Aldnoa Concord

The size of food parts

Contract to build the first airship capable of exploring all of Ekkirah

Menerv's document of creation

Tokensaturn's New Constitution

The Strepslim Accord

Magier und Herrschende

The Treaty Of Whitebark Forest

The Mudeweian-Althusian Accord

Proclaimation of the Rights of the Anthros and Dracos

The Armistence of Kaldross

The Declaration of the First Lord Protector

The Treaty for the Future

The Words of Silence

Material Components Acquisition for the Nine Schools

Tippend Agreement

Treaty on Polar Exploration

Tabulus of the Alliance

The Preservation of Empire

The Deed to the House Down the Cape

To Peace & War As One

The Obelisks of Peace

The Trius Concord

Treaty of the Curaith Sea

The Ceros World Trade Agreement

Peace Among Neighbors

Verus Kingdom Constitution

Vertrag von Stolarvatm

The 4th Galaxy Expansion Act

The Isledor Articles

The binding of the Federation

The Drakkengard Compact

The Aldenia Unification Treaty

Decree of the Red Temple

The Treaty of Huntenmark

The Expedition Pact

The Treaty of Issuk

Quessite Treaty of Assimilation

The Megacorpolis Accord

Oppersburger Freiheitserklärung

Treaty of Two Queens

Constitution of Tosormi

Articles of Secession

The National Cooperation Agreement of the 6th Wake

The seccesion of the northern kingdom charter

La Trêve d'Épiméthéus

The Erwen-Renvaren Friendship Treaty {English}

The Enith-Merchant's guild treaty.

Constitution of Ghynzua

Le traité d'unification westienne

Treaty of Peaceful Alliance

A Fiore királyságának megalapítása

The Eastern Crop Agreement

Yíngli Concordat

The agreement of the races

Treaty of the Common Ruler

Otaklar Agreement

The Treatise of Greyot

Wynsumheord Shall Stand

First Saldarn Treaty

The Divine Compact

Peace Treaty of the Ukari and Dwarven Peoples

Great Hope Treaty

The Banishment of 3333

Rockflow and Khazad -Thun Trade Agreement

Ceasefire & Truce

The Alliance of Romanus

The Treaty at Amberfall

Great Library Expansion Agreement

Treaty of Veluca; The Lines not to Cross

VriKalari Constitution

Centrum Free-City State Proclamation

Treatise of the Ten Cities

Evolutionary truce -- (homeless yet)

Water Kingdom Division Treaty

North Raiven Compact

The Saxi Chapters of Expansion

Covenant with the Unspeakable

Arcturian-Heathen Accord

Articles of Administrative Restriction

North American Werewolf Confederate Agreement

The Treaty of Rikenvatten [WASC2020]

First Contact and Contract

Rngkoyi Ouar Doyog: The Contract of the Doyog Pact

Warrant of Belnovi

Aequam Divisionem - The End of the Remen Empire

The Treaty of Claws and Fangs

Pledge of Eurani

The Covenant of the Circle

The Treaty of Jabru

The Treaty of The First Unfallen

Treaty Of Peace & Trade With The Dwarves & Elves

The Marquest Accords

Thorose-Lukai Covenant

blere sached plar /ˈblɛə sæʧt plɑɹ/ or the tribe pact

The Pact - Malchus' Folly (SC'20)

Thydian Nobility Marriage Agreements

Book of Dark Bindings

The Treaty of the Scourging

The Dark Baron's Treaty

The Treaty of the United Realms

Treaty-Oath of Assembling

A series of Declarations for Eshaque

The Farland Treaty

Recuento del Pacto de los Alzufhares Dhalmanitas

Pact of the Sand and the Tree

Magical Safety Act

Unification through Unified faith

The Draconic Concord

The Cease & Desist

The Crystaline Covenant

The Dictations of Separation

Treaty of Kloevendal

Concordance for Survival Treaty

Vagolan Treatise, Vol. LVII

The Joining Agreement

Tratado de Zippal

The Declaration of the Empire of Kyrn

The union of the cliff and the mask

The Treaty of Zafar

Fedheran Unity Accords

Proklamation Königreich "Platzhalter-Name"

Efren isolation agreement

Whitesteel Autonomy Decree

Treaty of the Summit

Carta de Logu and Carta de Liga

5 Guidelines For Peaceful Living

The Treaty of Nilskri

Agreement to Assist