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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the events of a conflict that started due to unusual or unforseen circumstances.
A total of 279 entries

Álfuríki Civil War

The War for Queen Shezret

War of the Smuggled Pouches

The Battle of the Ruined Breakfast

The Aphraim / Shaynor War

unusual conflict - desacrating an ancestral plant

Snowballs at Dawn

The Foltorian Betrayal

La Guerre de l'Orée

SC2020 - The Last War / The War for the Core / The All War


The Flowing Salt Incident

Antipiratic Enforcement Act

The Battle of False Foes

28 Years of Dwarven Animosity

Siege of Totenagai Street

Rise of the Aeternum

Food Fight Saga p. 2

The Bucket Debacle

The sectarian conflict between Westhaven and Alkar

The Night of the Gangs

Battle of the Grapes

The Incident at Coridii

Conflict at Angkor Wat

Dwarf rebellion of 708

The Civil War of The Sea (Conflict)

The Battle for Shinningholm Province

Second Interstellar War (IW2)

The Second Kuchu-Shindus War

The Siege of Eletta

Battle of south Stormsea

The accidental assassination of a king

La Revuelta de Breset

Invasion of Chaos

Cult vs. Queen Na'Daer's Knights of the Wood

The Golden Child War

The Battle of Greenway

The Night of the Broken Love

The Two Year War

The Nana Betty Counterpane Insurrection

The Great Dragon War

Causes of the Trojan War

The Battle of Ardhead's Creek

Rebellion of Corans

The Ornithian Occupation of Kellumlund

HADRIAN vs. The Wild Hunt

The Near Death of King Zenddyn

Prompt 33: The Battle of the Chasm of Spears

The Great Fortune Bed War

Free Space Conflict

The werewolf debacle


Paltetia Revolution

The Feud between Lady Blackwood vs Lords Baltimore

Clan war of the Wandering Bride

The Wedding War(SC'20)

Battle of Baton-Gris

War of Light and Dark

The Great Strife Begins

The Capitalist Insurgency

Sliced pie in Fuxagar

The Great Realm War

The Destruction of Crossroads and the War of the 4 Corners

The Battle Of Coppervein Mountain

The Siege of Nyiltokti Valley

Kinyra Clsoing Their Boarders

The Great Topiary Spat

The pierced foot incident

Battle at Redfort Island

The War of the Witch King

The Stramash of Marches

Rebellion von Rilais

The Duel of the Mine Owners

The Accidental Kidnapping of House Claude

The Great Merchantile Disruption

Death of the First Emperor

Razing of Myrano

Sapphire Heart, War of

The Shadow War or Battle for Harino

The Fall of the Sun and Moon

The Discovery of Ak'Nurr

Disputed Islands

Hino's Law Protests

The Culling of Pfyrfiburn

The Fru Feud [English]

The Battle of Jorringmund

The Inheritance War

Ulvrish-Arneland War

First Baldon Attack

Gifted vs Loyalists

The Blueberry Battles

Dance of the White Rose

The Battle of the Sylint

Hexadraconic War

Battle of the Red Oak

First Darkrider Incursion

The Mistlands Massacre

Celestial Soul War

The Siege of Votund

The Neufort Rebellion

Skirmish at the Stump

Scuffle for the Seven Sheep

Battle of the Frostborne

The Kalott Apple War

The Dilemma of Utopia

The Scholar's Two-Shot

La Bataille évitable

Great Ornikai War

Battle of Buffoonery

But there's TWO of them

The Bovine Debacle

L'Escarmouche de l'Estomac

The Arkantian Civil War

The War of Chymoús

The Battle of Pentref Eira

The kidnap of the Impostor

The Human Eradication Incident

The grand Reclamation War

The last Trial of Tusks.

The First Holy Crusade

Unemployment Riots

The Mystery of the Western Mountains of Zurican

The War of the Alpsrift

Mathno Entheas-i mészárlás

Kinilan Revolution

Battle of Mistaken Identity

Battle of the Glendeiril Plains

Death of the Copper Splitters

Willowings vs Skitters -- (meta as heck)

Contest for the Subselar Boundary

The Silent War of 4 BME

Battle for the Great Library

The Great Mustache Fracas of 708

Rata Traryoi: The Hunt for the Peat Burners

Exodite Conquest of Cymbar

The Clash of Veterzemlian Clans [WASC2020]

Invasão dos Houn-Poun

The Battle of Death's Fall

Incursion of the Squidmen

The First Moniqan Invasion

blere ams kethdrired /ˈblɛə ɑmz ˈkɛðdɹɪɹd/ or the bunker wars

Deck Fight on The Carnation

Sidhen-Orcish Wars

La Payada del Huerto Comido, y como terminó

The Conquest of Barchu

The great Aeqular Slirene cook off

The War of Flesh and Scale

The "sandboard war"

The Piano Shootout

The Latrine Crusade

El incidente del Liri

Zalarti Invasion

Skirmish of Celebration

La trahison Dokesh

Voidreaver and the church of the hidden one

The battle of the water

The Battle of Ithor's Pass

The Phantom War of Material Ixthra

The Battle of Lilies

The Burning of Desolation

The Great Uprising

battle of fire and beasts

Raspberry Marmelade Incident

Invasion of Afghanistan

The War of the Orange Rose

War for Crawford's Hay

The Night of Blood

The Artist’s Vendetta

War with the Dragon Lords