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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a valuable historical or ancient artefact in your world.
A total of 492 entries

Two Sisters Under Obsession by Herculin

The Book of Canticles of the Holy Architect and The Lady (The Vulsrian Bible)

Reliquary of the Skull of the Highest Father Vallus Serrin

The Forzacci Folio of Radiant Mastery

The Cryptical Scrolls Of Hsan

The Boar Spear of King Gond Stormhammer

Umbra'Ell, Canesword of the first Crow

Game Set of Leweyd The Many-Ones

The Lukkustafir Coin of Loki

The Sword Tsàgoiyàdru of Yànghitshiwektu

The Medallion of Winter and the Flakes of Traldar

Lorințus' Cursed Looking Glass

Huljake Noha, the Luminescent Orb

Perpetual Pouch of Prestidigitation

Seraph - The Dawnbringer and the Dusk Bearer (weapon)

Mithsran, Sword of Shadows

Sil'Korma, the Silver Ring

Nixsommer's Codex of Outerworldly knowledge

The Eagle of the Lost Land

Imperial Coronation Helmet

The Bracelets of Hixagi & Qula

The Lost Journal Entries of the First Listener

The Cloak of the Druids

Etherion, Imperion, and Galvanizor

Occorifus' Tome of Knowledge

The Arcane Reactor and Transmission Tower (TARTT)

The Gates: Worldwide Travel Better Left Untouched? (SC'20)

Anfarael (Faerie Flight Stones)

Chopes des héritiers de Grumlir

The Compass of Pedro Ataide (Brújula de Pedro Ataide)

Sixteen Totems of Trilenius [WASC2020]

Hofrin's Axe - The Humble Blade

Boots of Island Jumping (Island Leapers)

Septograph der Holothuroidea

Ri'Otselen (Crown of the Seven Stars)