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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a valuable historical or ancient artefact in your world.
A total of 503 entries

The staff of Menodora

The Three Roman Eagles

Abandoned Crystallized Spaceship

The Karós Crystal

The Crystal Obelisk

The Prism of Storage

Two Sisters Under Obsession by Herculin

The Prismatic Blade

The Book of Canticles of the Holy Architect and The Lady (The Vulsrian Bible)

Artifacts of the Ancients

Compass of the First Kid

Les Trois Crocs d'Onnen

The Void's Cosmic Lock

Varinha Translúcida

The Drop of Creation

blere clinge thay tranks /ˈblɛə klɪnʤ thaˈɪ tɹæŋks/ or The Bow of Sagittarius

The Crown of the Draconic Emperor.

Virtuous Blade of the Hand

Nine-Pointed Wreath

The Pillar of Serenity

Reliquary of the Skull of the Highest Father Vallus Serrin

Sword of Storms

Bonecraft of Ancient Behemoths

Lifeblood Grimoire

Goldschwert von Vondrus

Rose of the Last King

The Anthropic Forge

A Copy of Ungugrišum Biziz

The Band of the Broken Heart

The Last seed of Aphellia

The Forzacci Folio of Radiant Mastery

Crown of the Elf King

The Dawnstar Shield

The Axe of the House of Rohsk

SC2020 - Heimir's drum

Tyrvulk, the Spear of Auvala

Dursaedhe's Hammer

Spark of the First Forge

The Spirit Pen of Yailiken

The Terrorman Torch

The Beldarein (The Realm Buster)

The Rock of Zykrell

Rhaelion's Shield

The Cryptical Scrolls Of Hsan

Koreroigar: The Copper Rod

The K'itsitsäne Manuscripts

Gold and Purple Bracelets

The Viktus Blade (formerly Indignation)

Orrery of the Wanderer

Das Krönungsgewand der Elfen

The Boar Spear of King Gond Stormhammer

Heart of Mik'ael

Umbra'Ell, Canesword of the first Crow

The Well of Sacred Tears

Game Set of Leweyd The Many-Ones

Skull of the Beheaded Prince

The Lukkustafir Coin of Loki

The Jewel of Elemental Chaos

The Sword Tsàgoiyàdru of Yànghitshiwektu

The Medallion of Winter and the Flakes of Traldar

Lorințus' Cursed Looking Glass

Agassou's Spear and Shield

Mantle of Ja'Shriin

The Scepter of Usgue

Aezabon, Mantle of Lysander

Carved Bone Figure

Huljake Noha, the Luminescent Orb

SIlver torc of Aminade

The Press of Diar

Perpetual Pouch of Prestidigitation

First Owner's Letter

The Royal Artefacts of Arneland

Witcaller Instruments

Lungka, the Wreath of Far Eyes

Scepter of Leadership

Nirrah Boli's Ring


Oath Stone of the First Vedek

Book of Forgotton Names

Sheersun, The Hand of Araquiel

The Necklace of Harmonia

The augmentation Sphere

Seraph - The Dawnbringer and the Dusk Bearer (weapon)

The Churus Scrolls

The Body of the Great Eith

Winter Brooch for Warm Cloaks

Hammer of the Taoiseach

La chevalière du Griffon

The Lost Comb of Queen Layarna

Mithsran, Sword of Shadows

Badge of Elven Favour

Shards of the Elder One

Sil'Korma, the Silver Ring

Joan's Consumer's Vase

Ironblood Defender

The Bane Sarcophagus

Greater Solomon Key

The Tablet of the Ocean Sun

Nixsommer's Codex of Outerworldly knowledge

Snow Maiden's Veil

The Betrayer's Blade

The Divine Vessels

Ice Crown of Tol Fortë

Exiorixanikara ang shniyy

The Eagle of the Lost Land

The Seeds of Plenty

Arcanum Ward Shard (Upper)

Heart of the Sea (Item)

Guatúk of the Ará

Relics of the Immortal Beings

The Helm of Klitos

Imperial Coronation Helmet

Iris' Crown -- (Skitters, Modular)

The Eighth Holyar-Den

The Alberanin Saber

Armour of the Fey Prince

The Bracelets of Hixagi & Qula

The Lost Journal Entries of the First Listener

The Sword of All

Crown of Emperor Raien IV

Azrael, the sword of Death

The Cloak of the Druids

"The Heartstone Orb"

The Jagged Diadem

Etherion, Imperion, and Galvanizor

Gah's Birth Blanket

Amorando Scripture

Occorifus' Tome of Knowledge

The Adjudicator & The Gathering Flowers Event

The Bowl of the Healer

The Necromancer's Tome

The Shroud of Turin

The Arcane Reactor and Transmission Tower (TARTT)

Ominatago's Bottle

Jewel of Dawning Night

The Crown of the Serpent King

The Heart of Ilkana

The Book of Light and Dark

The Choker of St. Telsa

Augmentable Destabilizer

The Original Models

The Spear of Thorns

Frost Battle Axe of Rain Thana

The Book of Creativity

Staff of Masamune

The Gates: Worldwide Travel Better Left Untouched? (SC'20)

Golden Grimoire of Balphdurin

The keycard of the Captain

The Halberd of the Nine Maidens

Rose Lake - painting series

The Tablets of the First Decedents

The Nerui Contraption

Anfarael (Faerie Flight Stones)

The Shawl of Avandra

The Column of Laws and Codes

The Scepter of Eshrak Kai

Waterbinder's Crown

Lokisu's Lunchbox

The Spear of Lylejana

ʇɔɐɟᴉʇɹ∀ #232

El Escudo de Haynur

The Mantle of Vs'kyrsk

Demonic Amulet of Banebdjedet

Shield of Petridas

Captain Salavar's Compass

Doctrina Oratoris Mortuorum

Cadeyrn's Pendant

The Staff of Aerune Tigith

The Last Throne of Ascendancy

The Horn of Faestir

Key to the Hidden Helms

Blade of Av'taran'zal

The Celestial Lenses

The Imperial Crown of Isendree

Appraiser's Gloves

The tooth of an unidentified creature

The Dreaming Vessel

Earrings of Gwandrin

Scepter of Roseannia

Benediction Tablet

The Guardian of Identity

Sceptre Of Na-ochiixid

Ancient Riftbeing Remains

sword of the fallen king

The Everburning Candelabra

Ancient Kitadori's Cutters

The Presswa of Tallorba

The Comapass Of Tilly Ross

Ancient One's Air Ships

The Dinner Table of Legend

Chopes des héritiers de Grumlir

Orrery: A Marvelous Item (Prompt: describe a valuable historical or ancient artefact in your world)

Earthwarden; Taria's Hammer

The Sword of The First King

Espejo del Clan Amari

The Compass of Pedro Ataide (Brújula de Pedro Ataide)

Sixteen Totems of Trilenius [WASC2020]

The Lamp of Sariel

Hofrin's Axe - The Humble Blade

Mysterious artifact

Fresque de Rabanagd

The Crown of the Legionnaire

Fancy Ben, The World's Last Nuke

The dreaming mat

Boots of Island Jumping (Island Leapers)

Septograph der Holothuroidea

The Key of Dartar

Les Colonnes Anciennes

Spjóteilagt - Der heilige Speer der Thursen

Crown of Kyrkas {English}

The Thunderer of Mun-Dee

Master Gate of Air

The Music of Tolua

The Spear of Zilopnou

The Twelve Arms of Death

Ri'Otselen (Crown of the Seven Stars)

Karenthian Batteries

the sword of dragons teeth

Alinaxia's Time Machine

Prompt 2: The Shattered Eye

Ancient Arm-Blades

The Dunheuvelin Blade

The Imperial Diadem

The Pillar of Hope