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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe an important religious leader in your world. How has their character changed the status quo?
A total of 449 entries

The Eternal Empress

High Exarch Antonius Ral

Lian, Light's Shield

High Priestess Rahnmeia Kulaad

Falner Brigthbeard

Grandpope Leonardo I

Praetor Cato (placeholder name)

Jamborin Frilfrinas Bluekeeper

Xilryll Crafir Izsan

Yan Chensal - Herald of the Dragon

Their Majesty the Lightbringer

Reginald Hastings

Zahra; The First Vampire

High Patriarch Luvidicus III

Ophiladra, Divine Matron of Ibensa

Archpriest Rivulet Dray

Marthus "Mercatus" Honn

Jauccer of Petesnook

The Grand Eminence

Thai /thaɪ/ blere suzed criled /blɛˈə sʌzd kɹɪld (The Silver Wolf)

Priestess of the Covenant

Leothea, Chosen of the Eclipse

Quinten Adlam - Oen of Cindrus

Loodhaan The Second, The Truthseer

Stormbringer Thaviro

Ezekiel Yith, Radiant Prism

Laurel, Priestess of Dual-Divine

Grand Master Adarin Merion

Zanfan the White Drake

Ivan The Elder, Archpriest of Thallasia

Night and the Nine fingers

Pon Osni, the leader of the Skygazers

Sim Lifrhich Louncheu Leva uf Rhevech-Tarin ta Kumirnuf

Abraham Duradin Rayleigh

Mother Abigail Finch

N' Kaedin Ashin Nahblis

The Hermit of The Muddy Isle

Zootha Whisperwing

Father Darius Brenmore

Hoher Priester Vilerion Telleram

Sil'uprav, Priest of Strasta

High Priest Runar

Clifford the Woodsmith

Saint Bernadette of Warrington

Zetszeis Notus, Mother of the Yuan-Ti Faith

A Religious Leader (name to be determined)

Mome Gwythlyn Cloyd II

Heironeous, God of Valor

Cari'lalin 'Carin' Sauvinoir

High Priest Ulan Orik Quol

High Priestess Peti Dayvu

The Spirit of the Gacaca

Hrolf Ap-Hjalian, Blessed of the Six

Empress Cyndra Fiorabrynd the II

Īndī Lūrumānti

Sovlur Winfari

Mirra’deyl osala-H’onos

The God-Queen of Zygaria

One Who Walks Under the Hanged

Brother Charles LeTain

Éminianas Telura Mia'Avhoro

Sham'arine Zaladar

Pontiff Marius Calsidion

Eorla - Founder of the Ithean Church

'Religious Leader Human'

Torben, High Priest

Undómenel the Insightful

St. Helen the Talented

Saint of the Lost

Emperor Alaric Bhaltair

Thealló of the East Strea

Reverend Montgomery Jackson Lee

Riartho Cirecoal

The Great Atherton

Grandmaster Hulio Carhk / Hulio Carhk

Dancemistress Orleana Trelira

Hepara "Argosbride" Jekaru

Geirr Borgeson

Donatello, preacher of the Church of the Portal.

Moziath Gathakagoni

Tebinstot-Fero, Rooter Founder

Dairr, the Son of Love

Eroklos of Myrnia

St. Olaf Tryggvason

Arch Bishop Grigory Alstaf

Greyarch Amahra'Shaelaas

Shull a leader of the rhino cult

Ommund Rifflock, High Priest of Hielel, Esteemed Sage of Mount Akkum, Noble Lord of the Kylis Tomes, Mightiest among Mortals, etc.

Aisches, the Dark Priest of Vol'nische

Narn Hundore, First Guildmaster of Tiamat

High Preistess, Beldina Darkflower

Necromistress Lirit Willow

Grand Cleric Rayford Cardona

Comperator Mk III, the Pope of Computers

The First Brother of Frozen Wisdom

Father Valko Daragor

Qano Gekui (Holy Ruler) of the Dyan

The Archbishop of The Church of Progress

Myrrliath / Nana Myrra

Far-Seer Kahn: The Desert Pope

Sun Prime Eligius Jargal

Arthagast Ulbrinter

Wilhelmina Allyrion

Nushoma [The Raptor of Zelemir]

The First Prophet of The Bright Flame

Serene, Speaker of The Goddess

Anwir Thomas, the Starchild

Indico Mendith Charultrio

Veren: The Avenging Angel

Vapor, Demigod of Space

Ìseldur - Der Meister

Master of the Sacred Altar Karl-Sigibert von Kaiserstal

Diogenes-god missionary / The Why Gamer -- (Uncategorized)

Sabel the Peaceful [WASC2020]

Davenica, Martyr of the Titian Scourge

Jalih Anoov, High Priestess of the Dreaming Tree

Samuel Anvil-Breaker

Primal Thealo Lupak

Ilissa Narluin, Erste der Myria

Cardinal Zadkiel the Learned

Bishop Thiren of the Battle Brotherhood

The Supreme Raven of Will

Sainted Father Duno Deerwest

Bharash, the Prophet of Chaos

Analecta Kagome Kira Takahashi

Elrika la Sans-Kryn

Head of House Brother Prulk

Vigrepar "Longnose"

Khor’gar the Ascendant

Miggush-Haath, Most Sacrosanct

Deathdreamer Gar Sharkoth

Alexander the Undying

Qul'vaar Belvorien, the prophet of Zhennu'janai

Dargan of the Roaring Waves

Zannon Carter: The Legacy (SC'20)

Tarasurr Ignitergith, the Beacon of Quara

Colsantori des Pluies

Zuniv the Comprehender

Sokalyx the Learned

The Tale of Terra Tom

The Blackguard of Edrin Theoril

The Illustrious Zook Bafflestone

Erzzeuge Johannes Greenweid

Lunar Priestan Iralta

Nyalp "Light touch"

Qinlamin, High Priest of the Temple of Order

Tazi Asadi, the Unbeliever

Hat Bringer of the One

Ignatius Marilia

Edemir Atalar: The Dark Betrayer

Lady Valdemont, Corenne

Cyvar Tun, The Lord of Ashes

Akadrāri, the Unbent

Dahish al A’amash

Owain Penry, Ovate of Cainneach

Fulvinus and the Age of Radiance

High Priest Valdemar Covac

Xitrine Riwuthin

Fiacha, The High Prophet

The Oracle of Sajhdula

Tarc Ot' Deptal Shungish

Pokalle Wotrik: Champion of the Second Truth

Prompt 3: Brendan Kaxil