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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about an apex predator in your world. How does it hunt and survive?
A total of 493 entries

shoreed criled /ˈʃɔːiːd kɹɪld/ or Silent Wolf

Voea Adoyi: Beasts Among Trees

Pink Tailed Flying Monkey

Serpent of the Swamp

Yanmbari ezüst pormacska

Northern Direwolves

The Wasteland dragons of the Ardelphia Wastes

Hardcase-Clawed Octopus

Naghura | Apex Predator in the Skies and on Land

Vyrinth Shrouded Stalker

The Osorse - Apex Predators - Basu Region

Pleiosaurus Nessianus

Veren Land-Shark

4. The Forged Colossi

Schwarzfeder Adler

Glurpers, a Danger to Mankind and Glurperkind Alike

The Horned Eagles of the Farside Mountains

Draconic Forest Strangler

Those who don't climb fences

Fleeryaygur "Shimmer-Stalker"

A Link In the Chain of Sin

Serpent Sea Snakes

The Horned Avians

Gloon (CIty Hunters)

Void-Touched Beasts

Church Record #143-G: Private Schmidt on Encountering a Roil Hunter

The Baderian Peaks

Antaraxes Glavenis

Raivanni Fire Drake

Double Aught River Hawk

Sebilian Jungle Stalker

Khenari Blood Seeker

Kohri (apex predator, dragon)

Northern Corner Brush Wolves

Morvakkir - The Crackling Doom

Shallow ocean Stoneshark

Mudeweian Kingfisher

Hope Stealers -- (Micro)

The Candanese Wyvern

Saint Bernard's Shark

Ursandian Fire Bear

The Kolga - Shadowed Ash

Alsocian Snow Leopard

The Horrifying Jackalope

Sea Serpents - Rulers of the Oceans

Invisible Rock Beetle

Devourer (Consumptor vitae)

Simnian Cannon Crawler

Anzû, Thunderbirds

Corporate Alpha Security

The Cursed (Apex Preditor) [WASC2020]

Stinging Centipede

Giant Anvil Spider

The Forest Aerouant

SummerCamp entry: Great "Orphan" Sentry

Personnalized viruses

Crowned Palian Culpes

Red Arquirian Desert Worm

The Goldfish of Doom

Copper-winged Mountain Dragon

Krakens; Nightmares of the Deep made real

Azerdjera, the Red Queen

The beast of the white winds

Prompt 4: Razor Horned Yote

Die unsichtbaren Schleicher