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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a condition in your world caused by a drug or medicine.
A total of 449 entries

Medically Induced Hypersomatic Sleep Disorder (MIHSD)

strurng nivs /stɹɜːŋ nɪvz/ (elf halucunations)

The Drug of the Horned Empress Spider

Kyuchokt (Kissed to Stone)

The Sacred Draft of Leweyd

Magic Field Sensitiveness Trance

It goes one way, or it goes another.

Hatter's Disease / Tea Madness

Runaway Regeneration Syndrome

The Scientists: Psychers and Beserkers

Withdrawal (Addiction: Potions of Healing)

Frenetic Random Displacement Syndrome (FRDS)

Quick rundown on goodberry variants

Wratch - The Stinking Disease

Temporal Dissociative Syndrome

Doktore Pyffle Pyp's Pharmasutakal Preparatyon

Advanced Mental Acuity [WASC2020]

The Effects of Synthichor on Mortal Beings

Demigod Burnout Syndrome (DBS)

Short Term Adrenal Fatigue

Intoxication by mustard gas

Geographic Tongue - sentient virus experiment

Sleeperjaw Muddle (or the Ten Minute Bender)

Drunkenness in the Absence of Gravity

Kaikyow and the Use of Ritual Hallucinagens in Lwoid

Beshir Reanne, verzehrende Kraft