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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a condition in your world caused by a drug or medicine.
A total of 454 entries

Rhonian Manic State

Orpin Rose Madness

Liquid Courage Syndrome

Mindbender's Malady

Medically Induced Hypersomatic Sleep Disorder (MIHSD)

strurng nivs /stɹɜːŋ nɪvz/ (elf halucunations)

Lidérces rémálmok

Bristlecap Disease

The Ibormine Crisis

Ritualistic Hallucination

The Drug of the Horned Empress Spider

Kyuchokt (Kissed to Stone)

Killer Chicken Syndrome

"Drugamal Mind Tap" Syndrome

Magical Growth Disorder

Smokeleaf Stillness

SC2020 - Ocean blood

Vampiric Infusion

Permanent Hallucinations

The Sacred Draft of Leweyd

Apollo's Ichor Trance

Afóntas-Sindis Amnesia

Magic Field Sensitiveness Trance

Planar Salt, Brain Rats

An Herbally Fake Condition

It goes one way, or it goes another.

Crowd Control Alekythia

Eumilnor's Jitters

Over Imprinted Energies

Acute Muscle Degradation

Hatter's Disease / Tea Madness

Runaway Regeneration Syndrome

Psychosomatic Loss

Befouled Dark Blood

Paranoia from a Bottle

Sailor's Jabber

Ribon flower disease

Vampire Venom Addiction

The Scientists: Psychers and Beserkers

Withdrawal (Addiction: Potions of Healing)

Frenetic Random Displacement Syndrome (FRDS)

Quick rundown on goodberry variants

Wratch - The Stinking Disease

Temporal Dissociative Syndrome

Black Lotus Addiction

Peppercurrant Addiction

Post-Cryostasis Epilepticus

The drug of Belphisca

Energiotic Hangover

Doktore Pyffle Pyp's Pharmasutakal Preparatyon

Fae-Food Induced Trance

Elemental Enhancements

The Ego-suppresion effect

Hotpink Withdrawal

Havarna (Seeing the Threads)

Advanced Mental Acuity [WASC2020]

Blue Tcha Addiction

Breathing Under Water

Curse of the Weeping Moon

The Effects of Synthichor on Mortal Beings

Phantom Limbs' Phantoms

The Passenger Syndrome

Sternmeadow Tea Poisoning

Wyrm Empress's Clench

Akashic Phantasmagoria

Anti-Potion Potion

Demigod Burnout Syndrome (DBS)

Dreamsap and Dreamtime

Dimensionally Blurry

Baffleflu - Bafflecrud - The Crud

Short Term Adrenal Fatigue

Confiante endurance

Promises to the Gods

Freedom Savant Withdraw

Intoxication by mustard gas

Grippli Crystalmogrification

Needlefish Poisoning

Enzymatic overdose

Magi-medicine Poisoning

Leap of faith (LOF)

Geographic Tongue - sentient virus experiment

Metaphysical Burn

Siminarifen Addiction

Sirakoth Derangement Syndrome

Warmkraut - Fluch und Segen

Keyword: Wytchsight

Ancestor's Hair Toxicity

Blood Crystals Overdosing

Inflamed Xolmarxelk

Firhusk medicine/drug

Venom Capacitance

Emotional Distancing Potion

Sleeperjaw Muddle (or the Ten Minute Bender)

Sanguinem Fame (Blood Hunger)


Adana Potion Overdose

Inure and Ataxic-Atrophy

Icno's exsanguination

Crystal and Corruption

Drunkenness in the Absence of Gravity

ground rhino horns

Diu'somnia Luce'torami

Kaikyow and the Use of Ritual Hallucinagens in Lwoid

The Black Milk of Kali Kaal

Beshir Reanne, verzehrende Kraft

Prompt 5: Crystal Blood

Djangle Bit Syndrome

Artificial Lucidity