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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Decribe an important celestial body or constellation in your world.
A total of 447 entries

Maitera, Neitis, and Naiz

Deimos, Phobos, and Ursa Major

Allune, The shattered moon

Opheros, the Heart of Sacrifice

The Twin Moons of Llorin

blere per pluped /ˈblɛə pɛɹ plʌpt/(The Zodiac constellations)

Nogry Węsz, the Dark Swan

The Infernari Conjunction

Tyawelru: the Eternal Cloud

Ranic the Broken Wheel

The Vulture in the Heavens

Saleiar, a Felderítő

Lunaris and Noctem

The Moons of Telluria

The Woodman's Axe - a constellation

Zaya the Huntress (Constellation)

Moon-Chariot of Selene

The Moon; More than Meets the Eye

The Seldarines Table

Mnemosyne (Constellation)

Akashic Record Halls

SC2020 - The Gas Giant

The Blazing Scourge

The Jaws of Siberys

Constellation of the Mothertree

Dread Bear (Constellation)

Greater Moon - Protasta

Favorite Son and Daughter

The Ranger of Elysium

Haggan the Turtle God

The Bident Constellation

Astral Depths Frontier

Epherith, the Emerald Eye

Moronoro, the Great Moon

The Southern Guide

Vertola; The Seductress

The Constellations of Tariek

The Farstrider (Moon)

The Mountain Lion and the Little Deer

London Star System

Selya'neen's Wheel

Slobodažať "Light of Freedom"

Hagal : la demeure céleste

The Set of Kepler-78

The Seal of Folgrim

Pazu and Smaller Objects

The Sky Bird - Divine Constellation

Constellations: The Celestial Road

The Shifter (Constellation)

The Hand of Destiny Nebula and The Gift of Hope Star

The River Without End

Tukea, the Northeast Star

Moons of Lamh: Etzula and Sleiph

The Seven Stars of Morning

Tjaim, Luu'u, and Djai

Tahrich, the faithful.

Lucha and the Troiail

Die rote Sonne Thurisheims

The Muse Constellation

Constellation: The Candle

The Great Stallion

Comet of Victorious

Silver Staircase

The Twin Moons Artest and Havarsh

The Four Moons of Sagadorm [WASC2020]

The Moons of Æternus

Kindralth, The Crystal Moon

Twin Moons Of Darmoria

Constellation of Candreli

The Twin Moons - Ylir and Uros

Constellation of the Rod of Seven

P/2020 NO1 (Ryojin)

The Sun of Terra Mortalis

Umia the Collector

The Creator's Light

Constillation of Horus

Perseus Constellation

O Fetu o le Fale: Malu and Malosi

The Lake of Fallen Stars

Northern Diagonal Flare

Divergent And Separate Transplanar Artifictorium Realized (DASTAR)

The Four Sisters Constellation

Aiseiri, Swan of Souls

The Evermoran Point

Iris, Moonbow, and the Weaver -- (Skitters)

Teldrinne Constellation

The Four Dancing Stars

Idris - The Dark Moon

The Wayfinder Constellation

The Moons of Dálnaes

The Blood Moon (SC'20)

The Laplacian Ring

By Her Grace, the Moon

Taria's Light; the Sun

The Twin Moons of Alwaus

The Phoenix and the Moon

Four Moons of Aufyra

Septentrio - a.k.a. Wayfinder

The Heavenly Wanderer

The Chariot of the Septenaries

Alqamar - The First Moon of Inanta

Schäntka Jieboiflämmpf

The Moons and the Months

Taroxil, the Marksman

The One Star Above Us

The Comets of Propitiation

The Orchestra Constellation

Kelustenar, Home of Mimu

Goddess Constellation

Canthart’s Beacon

Nijin-Laj Star System

Berdix - the Watcher from the Sky

Girdle of the Gods

The Constellation of Nitida

Konesans, artificial moon

Prompt 6: The Void Comet

Astred, The Hollow Moon

The Strand of Worlds and the Divine Filament

The house of Dvalin

Second Star to the Right

the place of the dead

Tiamat: Mother of Magic