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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world.
A total of 430 entries

Magistratus Basileus

title that reps order - basically just fantasy discord mods

The People's King

Knight of the Bridge

Tolana Rhetoricians

Archdruid of the Circle of the Elements

Alabaster Inquisitor

The Queen of The Fae

Imperador de Despera

Embajador de la Humanidad

Executive Commander of The Wraiths

Der Schwertbringer des Tellanim

Aoen - Avatar of the Primes

New Kaigen Collective (NKC) Grand Marshal

Saltmarsh Councilmember

The Crone's Council

Archivists of Peace

Arbiter of the Kaustic

The High Practitioner

Captain of the Military

Archimago of Menez-Mikael

Master Sage of Santixuk

The Faith and the Fury

Student of Suffering

Arch-Warden of Vatnborg

Public Assistance Officer

Representatives of the Pentide

Supreme Conduit to The Unseen One

Defence Force Officer

Ordologium, Primus' Blessing

Grandmaster of the Guild

The Bakers Brigade of Batten Hold

Folbi Velti, Free Judges

Palace Guard Captain

Quarter Lords of Strata

Master Advisor (Bwa'orndi Ran'azi)

High Druid of De Dannan's Circle

Spirit negotiator

Commander of the Loyal Guard of the Patriarch

Enlightened Shine

Proven Sovereign

Zetzwarian's Effigy

Accord Commissioned Officer

Lord High Commander

The Grand Rajanda of Ilphana

Agent (Existential Risks Directorate)

Imperial Magistrate

Alfène : gardien de la Voie

The Rubies Regnant

The Apostles of Vellthain

Abyssal Emperor, Pontiff of the Obsidian Church

The Title of the Sovereign of Arakeen

Grand Duke of Bayport

Supervisors -- (skitters)

Member of the High Council of Kinilan

Justiciar of Ultanis

Taskforce Monday Containment Specialist

Senatos Dhavosi: What it Means to be a Senator

Knight of the Order

Cherilaxan Guard

The Imperial Emperor. Ruler of the Phoenix Throne. The First Light of the Earth in Heaven. King of the Holy Island of Kuan

The Rangers of Trilenius [WASC2020]

Crown Prince/Princess of Isendree

Watcher of the Divine House

El'Vhen High Councilor

The Knights of the Deorum Hominis

The Legionnaire of Order

The Remoshe Pack Master

The Exalted Executioner of Khem-Ra

Imperial Suzerain

Captain of the Golden Shield

Conselheiro Militar

Third-Eye of the Daughters of Men

Citizen of West Island

Guardians of Efficency

Administrator of Paranormal Investigations

District Commander

Knight of the Order

'The Eyes and the Hands'

Mother Soteria (Title)

The Imperial Guard

Head Environmental Protector

Senior Employee Retention Specialist

Uldovende (Administrator)

Tongue of the Tribe

Paladin; Taria's Order

Plans and Operations Officer

Lawkeepers: The Central Seat

Voix du Protecteur

Supreme Ruler of the Land

War Priest - Adrakian

Chancellor of the Stars

President of Colombia

Theochrone Inquisitor

Curatores Capitis

Le Conseil des Sans-Visage

Summer Camp entry: "Grey Queen"

Keelford Dock Harbormaster

The Kingsman of Erysea

Hydrus Council Member

Orators of the Vagolan Assembly

Golden Statuettes (SC'20)

Operant Director

Archivist Justicar

Grand High Magus

The Grand Master of the Order of the Dragon

Empress of Ghynzua

Warden of the Hollow

Grandmaster Blade

Merchant Logistician

The Wardens of the Realms

Pontifex Imperi

Aevus Magna (The Magna of Time)

Commodore of the Star & Dragon Yacht Club

Navigator of Worlds

Prompt 8: Sin Eater

Grand Defender of The Realm

General Field Marshal

The Ses Regte (The Six Judges)

The Treasullor of the United Council {English}

Yet'kigie: Soldiers of the Judiciary

Minister (of Exodus)