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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a building that has been reused and repurposed from its original design.
A total of 446 entries

Port Authority & Customs House

The Labyrinth Gate

First Hall of Alchemists

The Vulture's Roost; Torture, Hangings, and Heaps of Fun

Arcane Library of Drakenguard

Chameleon City Barracks

Beliriel's Underground

Fort Kenric Military Hospital

The Gargantuan Tree House in the Woods

The Connection House to Suit the Comfort of All Our Outworlders

Anwesen Löwenstein

Der Drachenhort des alten Wurms

The Forgotten Temple of Magnaportus

The Lustrous Temple Of Avarai

Archives de la Voix Véritable

Castle Mena'Thor

Gwendolyn's Orphanage

Gannum's Temple

The Sin Oil Refinery

Crystal Spires of Delikii

The globe tech company

The Winged Cathedral

[awesome name] Opera House Dressing Rooms

Lyceum of Lorgana's fall

Plantage Fröhling

Meeuwenberg Residential Units

Church of Edwistburg/The Reminder

The Citadel of the Presidium

Ruyagro: The Remnant Inn

Argas Shipping & Receiving Port

Cyan Tower of the Stars

Bernantt Pump Hall

Alderman’s Tankard

The hall of Eldren

The Loner's House of the Lost

The Chooka-mooka Head

The Bridge of Books

The Infernal Forge

The Free School of Lambden and the Tutors of Brigand

Dragon's Head Inn

Cuartel del Amanecer

The School of Milira's Knowledge

El Templo de las Placas

Kinko structures on the Dark side

Zum goldenen Kraken

The Abandoned Church

Zur Alten Stallung

The Olren Library

The Bridge of Bruji

Inn of a Thousand Hearths

The Hall of the Faceless

The Royal Orphanage

The Grand Cathedral of the Eight Brothers

Ruins of Olon / Cat-Folk Ruins

The Cathedral of Schimbaru

Lair of Deep Lord Viscous Viciousness

Star Valera Astronomy Building

The Emperor's Hall

La Marche des Anciens

The Lighthouse Library

Hall of the Polychromatic

The Fortress of Trade

Nuisha's Fortress

City Hall of Lucem

The Grand Coliseum of Vofencio

The Literature Museum

The Red Cathedral

Correio e falcoaria Sol Poente

Illmaster's Keep

Star & Dragon Yacht Club Facilities Building

Temple of Second Chances

The Tower of London

Vega Prime Mine Shaft One

The Seaside Village

The Rebirth of the House of Sols & Duun

Brass Bowl Warrens

Clack & Ratty's Theater

Venkiping University of the Magical Arts

Watchtower of Garl Grock

The Stockade (Bank of Aurora)

The Royal Champion Squad Training Grounds

The Great Horde Hold

Mallory Church Observatory

Arena of Champions

Ascension's Steps

Rondius Intertemis

Ever-Monday Research Facility

Burg Hengstenberg

The jungles of IKEA -- (Synurbia)

The Blushing Rose

The Tall Pine Radio Station

The Sewers of Orsholon City

The Freeport Journal Offices

Mead Hall of the Moon

Governor's Residence (Port Belliotrix)

The Derelict Dock

Alverton Exotic Market

Experimental Energy Extraction Plant (EEEP)

Central Colony Office

Das Hospital von Canta

The universal watchtower

The Valkyrie Inn

The Redwind Watchtower

Museum of Biogenesis

The Catacombs of the Guardians [WASC2020]

The Exhibition/Virtuoso's Vault

Guipuzkoan Company (building)

Orósimo Mining Camp

The House of Opulence

Church of Moondrift

The Orthonic Obituarum

The Town Hall of Arganoth

The Great Nesting Tower

Everyman's Sanctum

Legnons Illuna Research Lab

The Vale Outpost

Freshbox Open Market

Giorlogi Museum of the Arts and Sciences

Thunderspire: 'It Should Be (In) a Museum' or 'How Best To Rehome Your Minotaur' (SC'20)

Great Temple of Maelik

Algorian operations center

The Dungeon of the Mountain King

The Church of St. Dorma

The Nenuph Arsenal

Cathedral of Ink and Glass

One Size Fits All

The Sleeperjaw's Incubator

Estação - 241 Abandonada

The Cascading Mausoleum

Lavinra Cathedral {English}

The Wydir Embassy of Matermar

Satan'na Iniil'shazul Assembly Hall

The Ghoul School (Formerly The Gemmingtown Minor Cathedral)

The Temple of Shambla

Goldenglow Infirmary

Les coques de fanontules

Tammersin Towers - Watch One

Hall of the Blackguard

Mägelalinna Castle

Garden of Sunflow

The Provos Gambling Hall

Blacksite #2369 Cavesystem

Vargenheim City Centre

Trésorerie infernale

Tyldaa Medical Center

Imperial Palace of Lanhou

The Center of Exploration and Discovery

The Trius Ziggurat

The Arcadium of Argate

Cleansing Lighthouse

Faculty of Blood Magic of the WAMA

Jolethai Temple of Coin

The Capital Underground

The Imperial Palace

The Halls of Hallowstone

The Monasteries of Old Redpalm

The Ruins of Rystanburg Castle

Menelost Telperion

Figora Convention and Exhibition Center

Reserve Arsenal Delta

Securer Headquarters of Western Redo-Iv

Ergathon, l'île-prison

The Wyvern Racing Arena

Roseport Central Library

Abbey of the Egg Island Sisters

The Kilead Catacombs

High Court of Mä-isma

Summer Camp entry: "Great Grey Tower"

Old Water & Natural resource treament plant - Redeveloped into Universities biology site

Royal Wings Halfway House

Dunn Agency Headquarters Builidng

Catacomb mines of Hark

Museum of Fusion Power

Hierophant Palace

The Market Stage

Sorinalia Station

Shaisleán Aerínnoss

Old Imperial Palace

Sbrithnir's Roost

The Mother’s Eye

The Library of Learning & Culture

Pfussäwinn Witts Lynuaitst

Library of Miraiy

Howling Forest Temple

Ìsfangelsk - Gefängnis aus Eis, Schnee und Stein

Kathedrale von Jeyra

The Argent Bastion

Virginia Blake Observatory

Imperial Dalkori Palace

Megamisama Drydock Complex Plaza #2

The Sunken Maran Temple

The Grand Library in Treaty City

The Colsta Tower

The Arkosi Hermitage

The Sphere of Nikos

Blackmoon Academy (West)

Nucrana national library building

Copper Palace Kinosh Zhokjamurr

Epsilon Eridani Penitentiary Center

Stelavorn Admiralty Building

The Temple At 12 Cults Flat

The White House Museum

M608A1 Deployable Base Core / Modular

The Great Library of the Rannan Isles

The Half-Ruined Temple of Mirosaer

First Bastion of the Rorende

Astronomy Tower of Oephid

Perillel Senate Station

The Bonehenge Market

The Tower of Sunset