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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a common item that is used as a secret symbol in your world.
A total of 340 entries

Calling for the Footman

The tipped over bucket

Fletching of the Spinelanders

Goblin Tooth Necklace

The Nine Point Star

The Gifting of a House Plant

Blue Hanging Baskets of Shriscus

Steel Square Frame, Avoidence Movement

Prendedor de Albas Negras

Elder Pinecones

Shovani Population Chimes

The Language of Flowers: Frufiscus flower

La chope renversée

Ampulheta de 7 minutos

Acorns and Secret Messages

Twin Mask of Smiles and Sorrow

The Poor Man's Knife

The Underground Brick

Crowter "Thunderhawk" '04 Single Action Revolver

Grecodar's Skeleton Key

The Sundered Wheel

Ivkorgo: The Glass Leaf

The Ninth Tarot Card: The Hermit

The Thrice-cut Belt

Van Cotin's Special Pocket Watches

Zircote sticks - a secret symbol

Killers in the Woods

The Golden Letter E

Bunches: Corsage and Boutonniere

Secret Insignia Ring - Sons of Freedom

An Orange Bell Pepper

Der angebissene Apfel

Stone Disc of the Gorgon Society

The Fish on the Hook

The Skulls of Ixthra

The Inner Light- The Sacred Stone of Ignea

The Mark of Arcana

Dragon Bone Sniper Rifle

Teardrop of the Order

Empty Wine Glass

The Secret of the Muffin

Polished Obsidian Glass

Die Kiefernzapfen des Meister

Ackermann Clan Coat of Arms

Secret Symbols / Hidden Amulets, Tattoos, and Magical Glyphs

Hilo de lana colorido

Secondary skitter gems -- (Skitters)

Broken Shackled Songbird

Rings of the Lazurite Academy

Sanctioned Citizen Identification Implant

Sanguine Playing Cards

Horseshoes (as symbols)

The One Eye (symbol)

Zeremit symbolism

Three-Tine Pitchfork

Just a Cog or Maybe The Traveler's Mark

Prophetfriend Scarf

The Cudgel of Wisdom

Warlock's Ident-a-hedron

Clothing in Anhara

The Little Rebellious Teacup

Monks of Monotony

The Purple Rose of Sakiya

Imperial Hair Stick

Coins of the Lost Tithe

The Braided Band

Black-capped Hammer

Gwenan (Beekeeper's Brooch)

A broken chain link

A grey, spotted feather

Die Spindel der kalten Rache

The Dandelion Vase

The Jar of Keffiyeh

The Bone Vase and the Flower

Sith Thyrsa Challenge Coins

The Three Nails of Torog

Anillo de Los Krilamaut

Talisman of Voxor

Love carvings of Saxony

Secret of the Balance

The Pint in the Window

Chapeau à plume des observateurs

Golden Coin of House Palcus

The White Quill with Red Ink

Candle Stubs - A Vigilant Symbol?

Rings of Eulonith religion

Buy your charm.... with buttons.

Schlüssel der Königinnen-Wächter

Auiantum Feathers

It's all in a flower.

The Deluxe Camping Chair

League of Guardians Mon

Sharpied Slap Bracelets

The Goldern Knot - Secret Symbol

Die Bürsten von Fronyad

La Marque du Soupiroeil

Morte Chrysanthemum

Book of the Voiceless

Three-Pronged Fork

Feather of the Phoenix

Cartesian Trappings

Supernatural Nail Polish

Amarettus de is fadas

Three of an Ordinary Item

Heads or Tails? The Mark of the Dark Mistress

The smugglers tattoos

Keldrin's Divine Sigil

The Beads of Faith as used by Animalists {WASC2020}

The Double Dragon Knot

Symbol of the Society of Bard

Hospitalier's Bow

Broken Serpent Ring

Barn Swallow Fibula

Le deuxième Oeil de Copeg

Black Plantain Skins

Prompt 11: Hunter's Bullet

The Beast Balls of Desire

Silver Weights {English}

Identity of Members of the Order of Eight