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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a secret code or cypher in your world: who uses it, and for what purpose?
A total of 344 entries

SC2020 – Finger code

Rhonian Language Codex

The Language of Flowers

Poppy Street Code

Apkfern - The Middle Language

Hypsignathan Romantic Language of Fruits

First-Age Encryption Algorithms

Sarnian rune alphabet

Code of the Cairns

Helios Hyroglyphics

Deseret Mixed Language Cipher

Tunnel Rats Scyphers

The Wächtammer Encryption

Gadrilan's Carved Love Spoons

The Underground Code

The Anakari Dead Dream Code

Sign Language (common)

Ancient Dwarven Cypher

The Golden Tongue

Csillámló szavak

Íseldurs Silberrunen

Code of the Flame Speakers

The Cipher of Hecate

Code of the Red Ravens

The Badlands Whistle

Polymorphic Body Language

The Whisper of Sanguinus

The Whisperers' Cypher

Perihelion Cipher

Code of the Unregistered

The Language of Blood

Take your Sandles off at the Door

The Secret Code of the Ambulant Men

Roth'duns manipulating symbols

Paw, Claw, Beak, and Hoof

Language of Flowers

Die Sprache der Blumen

Torn-Edges of Spiral Bound Paper

Talk of the Unfettered

Oriri - The secret symbol language of the Barohdai

Cracking the Code: Investigating the Cult's Tagging System

Zenker and Lichtenfels ciphers

Commonplace Wall Scribbles -- (Moonsville)

Writing of the firmament

Sprechende Teppiche der Altweiberteppichknüpferei

Stormwatch's Spies Code

Broken Translator

The Astral Whisperings


Paluchia Tree Speech

Embroidered Correspondence

Bridgeport Library Book Retrieval Code

Die Eisnadeln der Eiselfen

Hand Signs of Ka'lessi

Linakran Wizard Slang

The Traveller's Code

The Blood Runes of the Northern Swamps

The Courtly Language

The Gifted's Cypher

Geheime Muster der Weberinnen

Inlevith Sibathian

Tailtean Flower Arrangement

the code of the phantom division

Knimwellit Symbology

Code of the Guild of the Horned Rogues

Common Zeribian dialect as a code

Streyburg Street Sigils

Wyrmic Spell Casting [WASC2020]

The Hushed Alphabet

Mitas, Written Language of Sirens

League of Guardians Mon Code

Magical Encryption

Language of the streets

The Star Punch Pictosystem

The Petroglyphs of the Ara

El Secreto de Los Colores

Lapita orbs of the Senemi

Devil Rajah Standard

The Language of Popular Culture

The Secret of the Void

The Cypher of John Hamervick

Intaric of the Jairo Iburi

Nafśuomi Yonikani Omi || THE ŚUOMI'S HIDDEN LANGUAGE

Trail Cairns of the Merchant Minders

The secret hair language of the Slirene women

Chant des vivants

Principality Secure Communications

The Ten-penny Conversation

Prompt 14: The Forge Master's Cypher

Cipher of the Antikathonim

Medinan Thieves Cant (The Baker's Code)

The Voice of Truth

L'hospitalité parlée

Griffin's Safety Code

Bushranger's split tongue

Programming Gasket Grille Cypher

Travelling Merchant's tongue {English}

Nethen Ciclimancy