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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe an elite or highly specialised military unit in your world.
A total of 394 entries

Der Verlorene Pfeil

Royal Intelligence Division

Iroh's Royal Cooks

The Infinite Axes

The Evergrace Combat Geology Core

The Boorian Militia

Gyatur Company

Paladin: Rank 1 (Paladin Of The Holy Church)

woubl mirs /ˈwaʊbl mɪɹz/ or dragon guard

The Noble Guard of the Charter Rock

Pteranodon Air Force

Tolana Royal Guard

Drakarian Wyverns

Aetherius Militarius

Silverstand War Dancers

Gorodski-proryv Troopers

The Order of Saint Polidori

The Royal Army Healers (RAHs)

The Naeron Hammerstriker Regiment

Constable of the Night

Elite Fighters' Unit

Council of Grace and Retribution

Garka Royal Revenants

The Runners of Meldan


High Imperial Vanguard

Lekkênjin Doppelgängers

The Three or the Thane's Guard

Guardia Real de Karte

SC2020 - Roling Reactor Guardians (RRG)

Arcane Assault Force

The Asteroid Inspection Service

Mykaran Battlesingers

The Order of Queen Beatrix

The Amethystine Regiment

Alahon Shadow Guard

Illistrian Imperial Army

Whitebowler Agents

Dweargen's Rough Riders

The Terach Ozelmek

Qudros Elite Escort

Enhanced Special Response Team

Les Soldats Serpentins

Order of Shield Maidens

Karthian Spellguard

Emmeri Battlemage Rank

Scathori Military

Incident Reconnaissance Unit

The Garrison of Etrien

Her Lady's Cavalry

Caphitolian Phalanx

Ringvolstad Imperial Guard

Nocturnal Unit (Snake Unit)

Phoenix Protection Squad

Salzgarde von Salzküste

Gartian Marine Squad

The Paladins of Gwandrin

Elite & Military Formations

Dolphin Special Operation Corps


Spellslinger Coterie

The Storm Maidens

Third Sanitary Section

The Breach Golem Unit

Ovükayo Dragon Lancers

Warriors of the Veil

The Hayathenai Regime

Qor Caleem Operatives

The Order of Paladins

Mithrillium Vanguard

The Adjarii - Wardens of the Prophets

Blacksite Border Patrole

The Bold Air Hussars

His Majesty's Cavalry, First Horsemen Regiment

The Knights of Dragonbane

The Royal Mounted Guard

Crown Guard of Veterzemlya [WASC2020]

Mantis Warriors -- (Modular, multiple worlds)

Ucrua's Infamous Magnesium Men

Lucanian ground-hawks

Supernatural Threat Acquisition Response Team (START)

Officer Message Dragons

The Imperial Order of the Ruby Rod: The Witchhunters

Adventi Shorekeepers

Khoonee Sher Betala Hai

Order of the Crimson Tear

Storm Lancers {Suranthi 2nd Brigade}

Advanced Rescue Squad

Sinhte Cyberdivision Corp

Order of Argozi Knights

Warriors of Hede

phantom division

The Neku Yvverser [English]

Disciples of Guinevere

The Schwartzenjager

Forest spirit scouts

Keplovia's Security and Tasks Force

Deseret Army Embassy Guard

Mount Forge Protection Force

Hound Pack of the Element

The Knighthood of Contaria

Task Force Pretzel

The Roc Riders of Tepth

Knights of the Queen

Stonesipher Foundation

The Enforcers of Yatyan

Les Ombres Abyssales

Basooč Ošin, Golem Technicians

Riders of Erendor

Lightning (Commandos)

Prompt 15: Thunder Wolves Mercenaries

Inquisitor Assassin

Crimson Shield (SC'20)

Gaš Sakal - The Beast Warriors

Etoilean War Drummers

The Second Artillery Brigade of the Lonely Delve

Vanoraxian Polar Expeditionary Marines

Jasa'vi Shock Troopers

Securer Special Responders

The Pinecone Trackers - Troop 002

Acolytes of the Mornign Lord

Psi Specialists

Ga'venn'shviie Cataphractii

Die Feuerleoparden - Glutzwerge bei den Thursen

The Imaginary Guard

The Council's Guild

Feather Mountain Squad

ValuSelu Council Ops

Raven Dragoon Flight

The Wicked Hammers

Toreil's 2nd Detachment

Krallan Imperial Guard