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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe an elite or highly specialised military unit in your world.
A total of 393 entries

The Evergrace Combat Geology Core

Paladin: Rank 1 (Paladin Of The Holy Church)

woubl mirs /ˈwaʊbl mɪɹz/ or dragon guard

The Noble Guard of the Charter Rock

The Royal Army Healers (RAHs)

The Naeron Hammerstriker Regiment

Lekkênjin Doppelgängers

The Three or the Thane's Guard

SC2020 - Roling Reactor Guardians (RRG)

The Asteroid Inspection Service

Enhanced Special Response Team

Nocturnal Unit (Snake Unit)

Salzspeererei von Salzküste

The Paladins of Gwandrin

Dolphin Special Operation Corps

The Adjarii - Wardens of the Prophets

His Majesty's Cavalry, First Horsemen Regiment

Crown Guard of Veterzemlya [WASC2020]

Mantis Warriors -- (Modular, multiple worlds)

Ucrua's Infamous Magnesium Men

Supernatural Threat Acquisition Response Team (START)

The Imperial Order of the Ruby Rod: The Witchhunters

Storm Lancers {Suranthi 2nd Brigade}

Mount Forge Protection Force

Basooč Ošin, Golem Technicians

Prompt 15: Thunder Wolves Mercenaries

Gaš Sakal - The Beast Warriors

The Second Artillery Brigade of the Lonely Delve

Vanoraxian Polar Expeditionary Marines

The Pinecone Trackers - Troop 002

Acolytes of the Mornign Lord

Die Feuerleoparden - Glutzwerge bei den Thursen