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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a common old wives' tale or consipracy theory from a region of your world. Does it hold any truth?
A total of 355 entries

Sign Ceremony Sacrifice

Conspiracy of House Sanguis

Wonderer of the Whispering Gultch

Starforged Meteors

Rhonain Conspiracy Theory

Creatures of the deep blue

Rust Rippers Will Get You

The Doors to Darkness

The Remnor Atrocities

Die Legende von der kinderfressenden Hundespinne

The Crystal Conspiracy

The Goblin News Network

A Man Traveling Three Days West With No Sword Shall Die

The Society of the Moon and Stars

The Tragic Tales of Old Man Reek

The legend of Ophiuchus

Imprisoned in the Moons

A wish from the Sand

Portals to Other Lands

Myth: Dryads will kidnap naughty children

Teagmháil le Ferres or: The Red-Haired Myth

The Tale of the Killer Cloud

The Evening-Bird's Call

Well of the Faeye

The Curse of the Lusty Minotaur

The Town Snatcher

The Walls that Never Fall

The Curse of The Lycean

Conspiracy of Puppet Leaders

Sÿtzen Von Aznabelle está vivo

The Godly Conspiracy Theory

La légende de l'Eclat Céleste de Jade

The fake Potion remedies

Seighild the Betrayer

The Perish of the Sacked

Anrae and the Giants

Curse of the Female Sailor

The Tragedy of Lancelot and Guinevere

El Bosque de los Espíritus

The Grand Vox Conspiracy

The Enemy is Nature

Castigo de los engreídos

Cloud Madness is Man Made

The Story of the Silvarran Numaralumas Tree

The Vampire Conspiracy

Predicting Earthquakes

Fény Úrnőjének napja

The Ascension of The Sisters

Dogs of the Deadwood

The Duvian Soverign Conspiracy

Spring Drain Serpent

Infant's Swimming and the Spirits

Beware the Spirit of Lake Deepwater.

The Deaths of Queen Taliah and Lord Kithraen

Orie Tales: The Crowning Comet

The Followers of Hecate

Okingangyi: Illegitimacy

Die Zerstörung von Murokai

Xanaris, the Bloodsworn Knight

Sirens of the Storm- Shipwreck Saviors

Shepherd of the Forest

Bod-Ark’s Oven: A child’s parable.

Book of Secrets

Children of the Mist

The Duke and the Devils

An Apple a Day Keeps the Healer Away

A deal with the Kiv

The Queen, the Knight, a Rainbow and a Bow

The Chosen of The Elder Ones

Doorstep Buckets

Firstborn Harvester Conspiracy

People or Deamons?

SC2020 - The Mountain Men

Sum was destroyed to make Ilo

The Lungs of Granthea

Behavioral Note: The Horsefly Procession to the Room With no Doors

Five Worms Shape the World -- (Micro)

Das Innere des Kralenberg

Carnival of the Dragon

Lomian Conspiracy

Goblin-Sylph Hybrids

The Darkness Behind the World

Whitebowler Agent's Rebellion

The Legend of The Faerie of Islet Bay

Murder of Paladin Tarson

The Immortal Wizards

The Frog Beneath the Streets

Magical World Dominance

Wigra Kesje, Pregnancy Spirits

The God-King devours Souls

The Reach of Karthain

Legend of the [The House of the Dawn]

Fermented Goats' Milk a Day for Twins

The Weeping Wood of Falade

The Amberhollow Disappearences

The Hermit & the Empty Woods

A Murder of Crows

The Daffles-Longtooth Conspiracy

Marketh: Trust and Lose a Life

Conspiracy Theory.

Weather & Abominations Tales

The Return of Leweyd the Many-Ones

Die Geister von Grafhelli

High King Magnus Was Murdered

Whistling into the wind invites sorrow

A Bullet with Your Name on it

The Lurker in the Shadow

Sorcerer Weaknesses

Imperial Possession

The Whelklings of Woodwound River

The tyrannical Captain-Regent

A wind that carries souls

Horror of Vengeance

Tale of the Forest Ghosts

The Mountain Man

Calling of the Fey - Myth

The Effugium (Twikkan Myth)

The Nightmarish Niata

Spirits of the Forest

What to expect when your expecting.... a fairy. [WASC2020]

First moon landing

La Maldición de los Bosques

The Ghost of the South Sea

The Uskarans conspiracy

The Rotted Core of the Golden Cord

Zombies Don't Cry

The Mysterious Disappearances of Magical Children

Conspiracy theories around the Wildfires of '06

She-Wolf Creation Myth

The Underwater Shambler

Origin of Wolf Slayer

Death’s Endless Passages

Aevanni psychic manipulation "theory"

The Thirteenth Order

A Castle with no Tales

The Tale of the Demon

Carnaval de sangre

The Mysterious Nature of Druants

Story of the Dwarf beards

Requiem of the Blood Mother

Sleepless Nights

Ammenmärchen von der Kalten Rache

Blood Signs & The Missing Ukari

State of the World

The Red String of Fate

Beware the Foukka threat.

Fontenesii: The Spying Flower

The Monster of the Aider

Fate of the First Dressmaker

The Tale of the Seven Voices

Who caused the Black Years?

Whisper Root seeds

The Old Witches' Association's Conspiracy Theory No.1

The Tale of Seafoam

Acorns from the Great Oak

Curse of the River-Treasures

The Bridesmaids of Dowry Marsh

True Residents Conspiracy

Legend of the Draconic Houses

The Stones of Amasna

The Day That Nothing Happened.

Myth of the Primordials

Desmodon Claw ~ legend

The Murder of Faustine Anaïs

The Screaming Peaks

To Bury A Silver Coin

Runes d'os sculptées

Tapestries of Life (SC'20)

Voorsteh - Midwife of the Gods

The Ghost-Admiral of the Stagonids

The Sanguine Academy

The Maiden of House Swan

The Ghosts of Gildenvale

The Mechanical Emperor

Eemsorngsinei the Giving Spirit

The Void of Zyn Kallah

The Crystal House of the Goldenborn Family

The Children of Glumhaven

The Proper Way to Dress

Origin of The Spins

Achab, the keeleater

Peppercurrant Conspiracy

The weeping maid of greendahl hill

Alien Squids from Outer Space: Are they real?

Who is the Korinthian King?

Prompt 17: The Forest of Gaian

The Darkness in Pain

The Rampant Librarian

The Origin of Zook Bafflestone's Ideas

The Twins of Fairwyll

Shining Orb of Ood

Artistes assassins. Réalité ou fiction?

Curse of the Golden Touch

Brotherhood of Coin

Tale of the Storm Warden

Daemon Conspiracies

Conspiracy of the Atuni

Sexual Activity Amongst Elves

Creeping Lichens Conspiracy

The Great Vampire Conspiracy

A Cacophony of Lies

Anka’s Lost Hoard

The origin of Goblins

The Grand Empero Wisp

Wells of Glisterwax

The Missing Dwarves of the Khaziram Mountians

The Dragons of Wyrmwood

The sabotage from Dhalgron

Gale, a tale of the forest {English}

Dreams of the Undevoted

The Conscience of Marchfig Forest

Drake Protection Prayer

The Prophet of Els'tar