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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a location in your world that is brimming with diverse or bizarre flora and fauna.
A total of 376 entries

Valley of the Sunken Heart

The Forest of Amma

Forest of Artemis

The Fairy-Garden of Gnarlwood

The Flower Gardens

Cradle of Tolnukh

The Shimmering Isles

pined orch /pɪnd ɔːʧ/ (Mother Forest)


Aïlo, l'île septentrionale

Pilares Da Destruição

The Emerald Wilds

The Isle of Narthi

The Persian Kelp Forest

Faerie Realm - Tuathacoma, the High Desert

Spring Maiden’s Garden

Thicket of Thorns

Cedar Forests of Esukani

Floor 14: Field of Giants

Megacorpolis Sewer System

Lake of the Living Islands

The Contested Cave

Saranda Circle

La Gran Montaña Verde

The Continent of Dragon Haven

Venusian Terraforming Satellites

Valley of Redwoods

Die verworrenen Wälder

Lost Garden of Sakuya

Duke Cadrill's Marvellous Menagerie

The Luscious Valleys

The Great Towers Range

Shindus Valley Cave Network

The World Spire

The Crevice of Seething

Siabhran Territories

Cajenian Archipelago

SC2020 - The invisible cave

The Wastes of Ardelphia

Sundorwick Forests

Kristallpfützen hinter Hochklause

The Grand Dunes

The Endless Forest of Kormisk

Garden of the Hesperides

The Underdark Caverns of the Most Bizarre and Dangerous

Wvievaldine Woodlands

Center of Enlightenment

Apep's hunting ground

The Island Chain of Motuahi [WASC2020]

Forest of Creation

The dragons flowers

Berdea - The New World

Askii Atapa - Vale of the Sacred

La Selva Concéntrica

Salt Crystal Caves

The Silver Glade; Deadly Yet Awesome!

El Bosque de Varnori

MacNamara Breeding Farm

The Soul of the Feywood

Le territoire népéen

White Mountains Forest

Die Eisblumengärten der Frostritter

The forest of Kamuro

The Botanical Gardens of King Hardor

The Land Wrapped in Clouds

Der Rand der Welt

Crescier - Continent

The Western Steppes

The Smuggler's Corridor

Continent of Andria

T'krowerai: Unterritory

The Sea of Heavy Sighs

The Cada Cratal Rift

Gardens of Jupiter

Le Désert Trompe-l'Oeil

Grand Reef of the Stagonids

The Southern Islands

Paradise- AKA Realm of the Dragons

Nonogawa River Valley National Forest

Butterfly Wing Rain Forest

Delta of Many Birds

The Island of Zafar

Mushroom Forest of Jyay

Dhaversland: The Ain'donum

Exhibition of Origins Reve

The Grand Menagerie of Noatun

Sano Confederation

El Convento De Brujas Verdes

Wadnaha's wild

Teranik Flora and Fauna

The Draconic Caverns

The Undercity of London

The Valley of Death

Galati Forest {English}

The Magical Menagerie of Master Marvelous

North Island Reserve

The Fantasy Swamp ( the official name is still to be determined )

The Subselar Boundary of the Castraversi

Transmutationist's Gardens

Die Ishraun-Gegend

Prompt 19: The Canyon of Sapphire

High O-Magic Jungle -- (Tortolua Feywild)

Anomaly 'Wellspring'

Rainforests of the Inner West Island

Der Verbotene Garten

The Shattered Isle

Rhogena's Garden

Crater of Aeoc-Dur

The Redwind Forest

Alamar (The Crucible)

The Kkrinth Karst

The Shallow Rift

The Wastelands of Ostelan

The inner circle of araborea

The Noxatil Boundary

The Outer Reaches of Suberia

The Crescent Cauldron