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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a profession in your world that has always been, or recently became, illegal.
A total of 303 entries

Black Market reagent trader

SC2020 - Core Explorer

Druid of the Moonlit Circle

Scarlet Assassin

Deer Hunter or Farmer

Arcane Fortunetellers

Modificador de Escamas

Devotee of the Gods Below

Les chirurgiens d'incarnation

The Prohibition of Independent Medicine

Unfettered Transmutationist

Identification Processing

Ostarian Revolutionaries

Virtual Experience Therapist


plu /pluː/ or scavanger

Necromancers of Malyk

The Shadow Brothers

Mineradores Classe V

Boldurian Stone Poaching

Executive Companions

Piracy and the Rise of the Privateer's Guild

Dragon Bat Tamer

High Priestess of Hecate

Smugglers on West Island

Die Kristallsucher

Illegal Mining On Deseret

Criminal Middleman

Piracy in the Western Ocean

Monnaie et contrefaçons : les Fauxçonneurs

Atrean Inquisitors

Historian, Divergent

Trafiquant de pulse-arcane

Seers of the Dead

Aerospace Smuggling

A Royal Reminder on Unauthorized Education

Cleric of Lathair

Magewrights: Dangerous Criminals or Lost Artists?

To write or not to write - that is no longer the question!

The Ambulant Apothecaries of Alven

Vulgari Flower Farming

Lightning seamstress

The Faerie Hunters of The Feywild

Illegal Grocers of Horntoe

Indentured servitude


Rgo Egyaear: Glass Blowers

Mind Transference Therapy

Hexblades of Kalin

Spirit Magic Traffickers


Poachers in the Feywood

Slave labour [English]

Ration Traffickers

The Rise of the Outlaw Fae [WASC2020]

Tejedor de Contactos

Pelidoric Magician

Pirates of the Sea of Shards

Prompt 21: Rune Counterfeiters

Arbiters: The Priest Hunters

Investigative Exorcists