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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about the headquarters of an organization in your world.
A total of 327 entries

Acolon Guild hall

SC2020 – The lesser city

Metalworker's Guild & WIP

The Great Zelakian Conservatory

The Witch's Castle

Complex under S.Stefano

The Ivory Temple

Benevolent Artisan's Guild

Mirador Fortress

The Boddington-Torrance Monastery

The Castle of Emerald Waters

Roaneida Academy of Magical Study

The Merchant Guilds Grand Counting House

Grand Adventurer's Guildhall

The High Council Building

Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Die Zitadelle des Eiskönigs

Grand Crimson Tower

Taelhand Mage Consortium Campus

The Red Palace

headquarters of the phantom division

Vadal's Sanctuary

The Courtesan's Castle

The Grey Valen Headquarters

The Gorgon Society Headquarters

Vatnborg Warden's Stronghold

Dahlsev Guild of Merchants

Grayhawk's Roost

The Malatian Castle

The Forge- Home of the Scarlet Knights

Hensar Runn Schlönkdt Drün

Court of the Green Knights

Speed Light - Virtual Entertainment Arcade

The Dissonant Solace of Lestanthir

Ansular City Guard Barracks

The Cathedral of the 12

Kotranmae Palace

The Forest Shrine of Ekalwyn

Swiftfoot Messenger Service HQ

The Mender's Guild Complex

The Lyceum Repository

Constabulary Headquarters

The Keepers' Hideout

University of Devotions

Justice Inc Grand Hall of Justice & Reality Show Studio

The Ruey Eagelsnest [English]

Gears Rebellion Headquarters

The High Crypt

The Culling Castle

The Guard Headquarters

[], the headquarters of the [Soul fetchers]

The Seven Towers

Temple of Kord, Legacy of Courage

The Enchanters Guildhall

La Grappe des Firmanants

Ylyndars' Quarters

Council Hall of Western Redo-Iv

Aewyns Cultural Heritage Preservation

The Pagloan Inter Island Guard PEN - The Piigpen or The Sty

Die Akademie für Magie in Brandona

The Assembled Congregation

Fae Binder's Guildhall

Headquarters of the Magic Council of Ea

Space Station of the SHISM

Mergewater Smuggler's Tunnels

The Silver Palace

Cathedral of the hundred saints.

The Wandering Toad tavern

Shaca Investigative Force HQ

Al-Vexnim Headquarters

Cathedral of Be Chuille

Office of Salvor Operations

Spiral Cathedral

Lair of the Quiet Ones.

Gold Arrow Station

Schloss der Baronie "Platzhalter-Name"

The Laughing Jackal Tavern

DeepGleam Family Estate

Graynard Cathedral

Galwark's Pallid Alehouse

The Krosta Building

The Tower of the Forbidden Souls

Baron Furkza's Museum of Mysteries

Déli királyság Kalandorainak céhháza

University of Magic

Castillo del Corazón Carmesí

Kiniswell University for Magick and Medicine

Base Espacial de La Otuzarur

Ordenshaus des Schildes in Kriegeroase

Goz Tik'as dun Nahstaba

Temple of the Vigilant Flame

The Landing Hole -- (Oops All Pirates)

The Merchant Minder's Hall

Palace of Lux Aeterna

The Crypt of the Bloodstained Seekers

The infinite snake

The Cave Behind the Doors

River's Fork Museum

The Temple of the Paragons of Zelemir

The Belly of the Beast

The Grandmaster's Hall

Brightstone Industries Headquarters

Castle Benevolenza/Fortress Sincerita Chirugeon's GP Headquarters

Iron Hills Restoration Project Headquarters

DIS Building, Nashville

Castle of the Chosen of Xin

High Temple of the Moon

The Lair of The Last Spider Queen

Hanatoft Historical Archives

The Wilderness Lodge

Temple of a Million Years

The House of Dreams

The Beacon of The Triad Bay

The Great Pavilion of the Joint Consortiums

The Underground at the Broken Oar Tavern [WASC2020]

Giant speakers campus

Headquarters of The Iron Blossom

Megamisama Drydock Complex Plaza #3

Vika Arwoyi: Harmony's Bane

Headbureau of Security

Grand Cathedral of the Eternal Flame

Café del Horror

Ageless Tower of Tiham

Heidursborg - Hauptquartier der Heivursmadur

The Malmeck Building

First Temple of Essena

Hiragi Clan Headquarters

The Mountain of Time

Headquarters of the Antikathonum

Ogschuun: The Island of Progress

Ministerium für Staatssicherheit

The Grand Ossuary

ACT Headquarters

Way of The Soulbound Sanctum

Great Library at Winterborn

The merchants hall

The Zakido spy headquarters

Fin-Allan City Hall

Conclave Convention Hall

Executioner's Guild Headquarters in Braedon

Shar'Ira Salha - The Hall Of Ghosts

Prompt 22: Hunter's Guild Headquarters

Cada Cratal Academy of Spellwriting

Palace of Prosperity

The Zhona Courthouse

Fi Warriors Training Facility

Gemini Cathedral

Temple of the Immortal

The Great Circle of Geldarc

Town Hall of Ironholm