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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an inhospitable region or geographical landmark
A total of 569 entries

The Prism Pillar of the Howling Vale

The Island of Infernal Sands

Northern Jangobi Wastelands

Vibbbura Stomping Grounds

The Kosh-tor of J'rush Tangle-bill

Lake of the Dragon's Stomach

The Great Barrier Mountains

Sewers of Dontgotherecity

the Great Scar in the Wilds of the Northwest - Prompt #11 In Region or geographical landmark

Ildonian Far Barren Coasts

The Deserts of Haraq {WASC 2021}

The Whispers of West Barisea

The Lost Cold: The Location

Rigkair, le Vallon du Silence

Zeribian District of Çarimbal

Ami Psalma: A singing Desert By Koraki S. Kanosis