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Somewhere in your setting, describe
a lost or ancient language
A total of 442 entries

the language of the dragons

The Magician Sorcery Cypher, Alnea

Ancient Pictographs Found Throughout the Northlands

The Beyondian language: a myth or a reality

Duianna Imperial Command Language

Draecish Language of the Dragons

Xelusian Bloodscript - Prompt #15 a lost or ancient language

The Lost Langues of the Last Age

Lerden's Explanation of Abanese

Ancient Drakonix - By Anika Tsuki

The Fleurian Language of Secrets

The Common Language of the Ancients

The Farlong Dialect / The Farlongian Rune System

Discovery at the Juniper Observatory

Langue des cristaux d'Hespérides

Fomorii - Wave and Echo

The Infernal Runes of Feldazur

Old High Humanic, the Language of the True Church

The First Tongue of the Ajdilgan

Sangrimirc Language & The Solsangran Code

The Voice of the Mountain

Truls, language of the Ur-Gazia

The language of the ones before

Agean - The Language of the Failed Explorers

J'rush - Primordial Linguistics

The Words of the Weird-Walkers

Udathi, The Forgotten Language of the Gods

Atthan - Die erste Sprache

Original language of D'hale world

Die Sprache der alten Zivilisation

Repression of Flemish language in Flanders

Polorian - Krianic Dialect

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the tengku's lost language