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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a building associated with crime or justice
A total of 371 entries

UNCon Criminal Justice Tower, Earth

Deseret Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Campus

The Butterfly Task Force Head Quarters/Base

Leaves-Amid-Glass Courthouse

Market Street Guard Barracks

International Penitentiary, Queen Elizabeth's World

Manhattan Detention Complex

Palais de Justice de Naoned

Building of Elementals & Elemental Forensics

The Council's Colosseum- By Wong Chi

The Shacklehut and Raeor‘s Domain

Royal Guardians Grand Headquarters

Wurzelhavian City Guard Headquarters

PC-90482, Northern Detention Centre

Zenith Heritage Building {WASC 2021}

Golden Pagoda - Hall of Justice

Watch Point Delta Fire Tower

Zeribian graveyard of Çarimbal

Imperial Hold of Slagmill

Woudgevangenis van Herodon

The Weighter's Guild House

Thief Den of the Nimble Fingered

Room of Doom and Gloom on Boom

The Metalican Hotel and Casino

Smugglers’ Tunnels beneath Umbrahemos Templos - Prompt #21 building associated with crime or justice

High Court of Crysalion

Ukinnu Prison for the Magically Adept and Criminally Insane

Temple of Díneniel Stalcairwen

The Great Sanctuary of Mercy

Prompt 21: The Sapphire Palace

Talence Magistrate's Court

Laurgrailes's Asylum for the Emotionally Troubled

Temples of Holla: god of justice.

The Grand Rulehouse of Burim

The United States Supreme Court Building

NX7 High-Risk Security and Correctional Station