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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a Romancer, Paramour, or other amorous individual
A total of 363 entries

MoonRai, Blood of the Ancients

Sovereign Bekele Al'Haven

Lord Ottokar Blaubart {Bluebeard}

Keti Wullang: Husband on Every Continent

Ephraim & Shalisha Shemariah

Kizzionovalexzta 'Kindeyes' Emberscar

Sir Lucius Michelangelo Petruvio III

Most Eligible Bachelor #1 Vole of Valent - Prompt #26 a romancer, paramour or other amorous individual

The Herald of Joyful Tidings

Kyrazosanz Kanosis- Dark Sun Born By Koraki S. Kanosis

The Unrequited Love of Andreas the Bard

Devataama suque Khadharmun Dharashana

Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte

Grayson, Scoundrel & Bard

Salar, the Great Battle Master