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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
A building associated with governance, leadership or change
A total of 291 entries

Agnexand Church of the Dawn Marshal

the building of the fire salamander

Air Corps Orphanage for Lost Boys and Girls

House of Crystal City Library and Archive

The Clinic of Organized Thought HQ

Palace of Justice and Peace

Order of the Anvil Head Quarters

Hallowed Collective's Council Building

Hall of the Dragon Royals

Zentralbüro der Handelsmarine - ZBHM

The Polytechnical Institute of Gutonia, aka Ecole Polytechnique

Soojun Citadel and Council Chambers

Intellectual Lighthouse System

Grand Palace of the White Owl

Imperial Court Palace Complex

Headquarters of the Church of the Grand Current Diety.

Protection Division Department

The Summer and Winter Courts

Calypso Atmospheric Refinery Recombinator

Tower of the Arcane Order

The Last Church in Old Kaltahg

The Imperium Inpero Amphitheatre

Federation Headquarters

Her Immaculate Resilience of Devotion of Worm

Govermenance and Guild Halls

Imperial Palace of Ealance