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Somewhere in your setting, describe
A settlement that was lost or discovered.
A total of 268 entries

Village of Armillared

the ancient city in the Magnificent Canyon.

Dorstulon, the city of the Ten Walls

Shady Camp of the Opposing School

Old Wagra: Glimpse of Yukur's Glory

The Home of the Hrog - Hroegneh

Thydian-Tormian Ruins of Anzilvar

Sijaq - The Desolation of Dragonkin

Anuinzheulmin's Necropolis

The Stone and Ruins City

Cult centre of Ajqyod at Mount Ruaj

The Spectral Athenaeum

Nostole, capital city of the Embercloak Dwarves.

Archai archaeological dig site #2

Nuria, the Region that Time Forgot

The Shipwreck of the Santaria

The Three Lost Temples of Calliba

The Lost City of Taxl gra Alakha

Tevilar IV-5, the impossible world

Haeltheas / The Isle of the Wise / Ye Olde Druid Circle