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Camp Feral Badge

Can you relate to the following image? If so, you may consider yourself a member of Camp Feral.
Feral Moment by Strixxline
(I made this in MSPaint on my work computer, so you know it was crafted in a moment of divine inspiration.)

What is Camp Feral?

This is an unofficial club for members of the community who simply cannot contain their hype for SummerCamp and will pounce on homework and prompts like a rabid raccoon.   This club is not tied to any completion goals, no "diamond or die!" here, only a pure, unfiltered hype for SummerCamp!

Can I Join?

Absolutely! The only person who gets to decide whether or not you are part of this camp is you. This is just a silly little concept created to encourage shared hype and excitement, and you are invited to be a part of if you are also turbo hyped for SummerCamp!  
Camp Feral is for you, if...
  • You're left bouncing in your seat excited, waiting for next week's homework... a few hours after this week's homework was released.
  • You're telling your friends and family about SummerCamp, even if they have no idea what you're even talking about.
  • You're sharing your excitement with the community every chance you get! Leaving comments and likes on aaall the new pledge articles!
  • You're beyond excited to get some excellent summer worldbuilding done with your favorite crew of beans!
  There is no pressure here. No expectations. It's all about the energy you bring to the table, and not how many prompts you manage to complete. If you claim Camp Feral, please bring radical kindness and passion to the community, and make sure to take care of each other.   You are welcome to add the image to any SummerCamp article by using the image BBCode below.   [img:4568705]  
Where it Began!
This silly little camp for feral goblins of WorldAnvil was created during prep month for SummerCamp 2023, and introduced in this pledge & homework article here!   Come by and check it out to see what was cooking in Strixxline's bird brain!

The Owlworks
Original Title
Camp Feral Badge


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Jun 20, 2023 03:29 by Chase

Ahh, so we have finally created a badge for this, now. Hehehe...

Jun 20, 2023 12:02 by Polina "Line" Arteev

Someone had to! This year the feral spirit has possessed me, so I made it happen!

Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
Craft a bright new world, in Ayun Sovos!
The Feral Sovereign returns for Summer Camp 2024!
Jun 22, 2023 10:45 by Chase

I've added it to my pledge! May the ferality be with you!

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