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Blue Anvils

Blue Anvils are a rare natural phenomenon that most Edenians look forward to. The appearance of a such an anvil in the local smithy or at the county forge is seen as a cause for celebration and reason enough to shut down cities for an impromptu holiday. “But why, Chris?” you ask. “What makes the appearance of a blue anvil so special?”


Well, you see, when the anvils of the world turn blue, the dreams of lovers do come true.


The magic begins when an otherwise mundane anvil begins to glow a brilliant shade of cornflower blue. From that moment until the anvil goes dark (usually 24 hours later), the following alterations to the fabric of reality are made:

  • The romantic and sexual desires of all persons in the affected area will come true, provided that said desires do no harm to another person.
  • Consistent and enthusiastic consent is non-negotiable. That is, if consent is retracted at any point during an encounter—even if that retraction has not yet been spoken aloud—the sister goddesses of this realm will warp reality in whatever way necessary to end the encounter. This might be something as simple as injecting the thought of “Stop” into the mind of an individual who has not yet realized the consent is being withdrawn, or it might be something decidedly more fantastic.
  • Partners who wish to become pregnant, so long as said partners are in agreement on the matter, will become pregnant—regardless of conditions like infertility or any other biological barriers. For instance, Frederick I has two biological mothers and no biological father because he was conceived on the night a blue anvil appeared in his mothers’ castle. And Kester Thidos, the legendary Bekiskapan general, overcame a genetic predisposition toward sterility by conceiving her daughter Aisling on the night a blue anvil appeared in the city of Nova Meskera.
  • Individuals who wish to engage in penetrative intercourse without becoming pregnant will not become pregnant, even if they’re ovulating and their partner is the most fertile person on the planet.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases are eradicated from the bodies of all individuals within the affected area at the moment the anvil begins to glow.

Other alterations to reality are made on a case-by-case basis. The goal is to make sure everyone who wants a good time has a good time, and the goddesses—River and Eden—will do whatever they can to make sure that happens.


The effects of the blue anvil’s magic is, sadly, localized. That is, if a blue anvil appears in Oz, it’s not going to do a Reekian any good over there on the opposite side of the world. But, that said, anyone within a 10-mile radius of the anvil in question will be able to reap its magical rewards for themselves.

Metaphysical, Supernatural


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Jul 21, 2023 18:31 by Chris L

Um.. uh.. how do.. great article!

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Jul 21, 2023 22:46 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks! But now I want to know what the rest of that question was.

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Jul 21, 2023 19:22 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Maaaaagic. :D

Jul 21, 2023 22:46 by E. Christopher Clark

Yes! Lovely, lovely magic.

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Aug 17, 2023 21:15 by Haly the Moonlight Bard

There are not enough letters in the English alphabet for me to adequately convey how hard this made me laugh. Chris. I'm not joking. You might just kill me before I get through this reading challenge.   Please. Don't ever stop writing.

Aug 18, 2023 23:25 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks again for reading. I remember being told as a younger person (and even as an adult) that I wasn't funny (probably meant to be gentle teasing, but I took it to heart), so I always get such a kick out of making people laugh.

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