Interregnum | E. Christopher Clark


An interregnum in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe is the pause between iterations of reality. This purgatorial period is the result of The River Without End compressing all of existence into a single point of infinite density in a climactic event called The Calamity.


The first six-hundred and sixty-four times reality ended, the peoples of the collapsed universe were destroyed along with it. The interregnums at that point were simply a chance for the goddess Phina to calm down her raging sister Mira. However, as the six-hundred and sixty-fifth iteration of reality wound down, Phina arranged for something a little bit different.


During each interregnum since, a small percentage of sapient life has been allowed to survive the aforementioned Calamity and reappear inside a pocket dimension called Eden—a dimension which consists of a single super-continent floating in space, a sun floating high above, and five moons circling the night sky at odd intervals.


The sapient beings collected there eventually begin planning to restart their lost reality. Inspired by The Tale, a search begins to find the seven individuals who will sing the next iteration of the universe into existence. This culminates, eventually, in a new Big Bang.

Metaphysical, Supernatural


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