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River Ice

River Ice is a rare material in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. Only found in small chunks in the most remote areas of the The River Without End, each piece of River Ice is a frozen bit of space-time left over from a previous iteration of the universe.


Useful in powering things as large as interstellar starships and weapons as small as the Stoys of Elind Knights, River Ice is a versatile fuel source coveted throughout the cosmos.


Most of the River Ice in existence, however, is controlled by the elves and protected by their Warring Wall at the furthest edge of reality. That said, the militant Kíndallans known as The Cult of the Lord are rumored to have a small supply as well, which would explain how they were able to invade Earth during the Earth-668 iteration of reality.



Each chunk of River Ice is a pentagonal dodecahedron that is cool to the touch, though not as cold as its name might suggest.


Composed of 12 regular pentagonal faces, three meeting at each vertex, some have remarked that the material is notable for its mathematical “callouts.” The number 12 is sacred in many dwarven cultures, the number five is central to the lives of ethnic Kíndallans, and the number three is an oft-repeated numeral in both elven and human folklore.

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