Under the World | E. Christopher Clark

Under the World

A realm of gilded thrones. A land of tarnished dreams. One world, with two sides.


The fate of seven kingdoms is at stake during an epic card game. A runner flees her broken marriage and barrels straight into her high school reunion. A housebroken husband trades his beloved beagle for a sad, gray donkey. And a brother and sister chase a ghost down a long and lonesome highway into the haunted forest of their past.


Young men and the difficult women who save them, old men and the dream girls who keep them up at night—join these eight heroes in unearthing the startling truth of what rests Under the World.


Will they like what they find there? Will they even be able look it in the eye? And how about you?


Under the World is a short story collection by E. Christopher Clark. If death frightens you, but an unfulfilled life frightens you even more; if you like a good fairy tale as much as you love spine-tingling suspense, then you’ll love this genre-bending union of fantasy and reality.


Read Under the World and start exploring today!


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Under the World by E. Christopher Clark

Author: E. Christopher Clark

Published: 10 March 2020


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