Wonderlandian Suit

A Wonderlandian suit is the smallest military formation within that country’s army. Numbering thirteen soldiers, each suit is organized and supplied by a noble house to be used as the Queen of Hearts and her military leaders see fit.


Four houses are combined to create a deck—the Wonderlandian equivalent of a platoon.



By royal decree, each suit shall comprised of no greater nor fewer than thirteen soldiers.


Most of an individual soldier’s equipment is left up to the soldier themself, but the Queen of Hearts expects the uniforms of each suit to be, well, uniform.


Each soldier is expected to wear a surcoat over their armor which is emblazoned with copies of their house’s sigil. The number of copies a soldier wears denotes their rank within the suit, with fewer sigils indicating higher rank. The three officers of each suit, along with their most highly prized soldier—their “Ace”—also wear a letter upon their surcoat to indicate their status.


Each member of the suit must carry the same weapon, uniformity being prized in the Queen’s army above all else. Which weapon the suit carries is entirely up to the leader of the noble house which organizes them. Some choose bladed weapons, others projectives, and others still prefer to use imported implements such as the Stoy of the Elind knights.


The suit is led by a “queen,” her second-in-command the “king,” and their heir apparent, a soldier who is referred to only as “Jack” on the field of battle.


Though these three commanding officers are usually the three highest ranking members of the house who assembled the suit, the house leader is free to appoint soldiers to act as their substitutes—a gamble, given that success in battle might give the substitutes the public support they need to supplant the leaders of the house during peacetime, but a gamble that less battleready nobles are more than willing to take.

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