Clarkwoods literary universe Evolution of the Bekiska Bikini Timeline

Evolution of the Bekiska Bikini

A timeline exploring the development of the infamous “Bekiska Bikini,” the traditional “armor” of the Bekiskapan.

  • 3037 BCE
    Perfecting the Paint Job
    Technological achievement

    The Bekiskapan perfect the body paint formula which renders their skin impervious to most physical attacks—just in time to fend off an invasion from a neighboring culture bent on wiping them out.

  • 3000 BCE
    The Most Lamentable Tragedy of Achilles’ Nips
    Discovery, Scientific

    After years of successful conquest made possible by their innovative body paint technology, the Bekiskapan realize that no amount of paint makes their nipples impervious to damage.

    They believe this is because of the relationship between nipples and child-rearing, that the nipples can’t be rendered impenetrable (even temporarily) without risking an individual’s ability to breast-feed.

    To prevent further mammillary injury, the Bekiskapan develop armor-plated pasties—which they then paint over to obscure their weakness from enemies.

  • 2700 BCE
    The Right Piece of Cloth in the Right Place
    Artistic creation

    After three centuries of domination, Bekiskapan traditionalists are convinced by the younger generation to tap into the power of “cloth and flesh,” which the youth of the empire believe will help to distract the enemy, thereby shortening battles and decreasing casualties.

    Bekiskapan armies begin marching into battle while wearing cloth garments for the first time. Designs vary widely, but the intended effect is achieved. The armies opposing the Bekiskapan collapse faster than ever before and casualties reach an all-time low.

  • 1066
    Chafe Mail
    Technological achievement

    After conquering most of Europe, the Bekiskapan begin a series of ultimately unsuccessful invasions of the British Isles. They are driven back each time by armies of Gillikin halflings, in what will be the last armed conflicts between the two species (human and halfling).

    In tribute to their new allies, the Bekiskapan begin constructing their armor from scale and chain mail—halfling inventions on this version of Earth.

  • 1914
    Calamity Breeds Creativity
    Era beginning/end

    A universe-ending Calamity almost entirely wipes out the Earth-1 iteration of reality. The Bekiskapan and their halfling allies are among the survivors who take refuge in the purgatorial paradise of Eden.

    While they wait for reality to reboot so they can return to Earth, the Bekiskapan armor-creation industry explodes with creativity. They create newly ridiculous ensembles based on each of the alien cultures they encounter, from the elves and dwarves to the shape-shifting kíndalla and the winged qhirat.

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