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Edenite is a rare mineral in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe, found exclusively in the lava flows of certain volcanos. Magma in the Dwarven System and in the purgatorial paradise of Eden is lousy with the stuff, but it is relatively hard to find elsewhere.


Prized by the dwarves for its use as a fuel source, the discovery of edenite made interplanetary travel accessible to all but the poorest citizens of Thün Büldar. And that ability to easily travel to other worlds is what eventually led to the discovery of The Great Wind on the nearby planet of Pinion. This, in turn, led to the development of the so-called Wind Drive and faster-than-light travel.


Essentially, without edenite, the dwarves would never have become the most techologically advanced and influential species in the cosmos. And yet, during Interregnums between iterations of reality—when the survivors of universe-ending Calamities are trapped together in the land of Eden—access to edenite is no longer so exclusive, and the sometimes haughty dwarves are often “put in their place.”


Material Characteristics

Edenite is a smooth, pliable dough-like substance that is always warm to the touch. It never fully dries or goes solid, nor does it ever transform into an entirely liquid state. It is at its most useful when super-heated and deposited into an internal combustion engine, such as that of the Dwarvish Hämnare. Once heated, edenite cools very slowly, which allows it to fuel craft like the Hämnare for weeks on end.

Common State
Molten Rock
Related Species


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