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Gordon Quackers III

Gordon Quackers III was a citizen of the Kingdom of Motherland during the Second Age of Eden. He is best known as the long-time friend and hunting partner of Gretel der Jäger, the future Queen Consort. They met during Der Jäger’s childhood, near the end of the Great Famine of 126–127, when Quackers led the girl and her brother out of the Forest of Fangs and away from the candy-strewn cottage of a certain cannibalistic witch.


Appearance & Personality

Quackers’ appearance was typical of Tillerzian wolaríxkíns. He was covered in yellow feathers, looked perpetually young for his age, and stood at a height just slightly shorter than average for his species. His most defining characteristic was his heterochromia. That is, he had one purple eye and one blue.


Personality-wise, he was kind, good-natured, and helpful—so long as his loved ones weren’t being threatened. When defending the people, places, and things he loved, he could be just as fiery as any Daffian or Donaldian could be.



Gordion Quackers III was born on the northern bank of the River O‘Pire during the Wander Years between Eden’s First and Second Ages. His childhood was quiet and uneventful, until the arrival of refugees when he was eight years old. After that, he and his family spent most of their time hiding from the xenophobic human beings who overtook their homeland.


And yet, Quackers could never bring himself to hate the refugees the way his parents did. This was how, near the end of the Great Famine, he came to the aid of Gretel and her brother Hansel. Having seen how the starving children were hoodwinked by the witch with promises of food for their hungry bellies, he gathered up his courage and made ready to lend a hand to the captive kids.


But while Hansel and Gretel would need Gordon’s help in escaping the forest, they got out of the witch’s house entirely on their own. In fact, Young Gretel was already so fierce that she was reluctant to accept Gordon’s help at first. But when she saw what frightful shape her brother was in, Gretel relented and let the kind duck-guy pitch in.


Later, as a Gretel made a name for herself throughout Motherland as the best huntress around, she regularly made use of Gordon as a guide and a partner.

Badge by Tillerz using MJ
106 148
One Blue, One Purple
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2' 6"
37 lbs


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