Personal Transfusion Device

A Personal Transfusion Device (PTD) is a dwarven-made assistive technology powered by synthetic kíndallan biological matter. In most parts of the Clarkwoods Literary Universe, PTDs are available as alternatives to traditional mobility, hearing, visual, and cognitive aids. Sadly, due to intergalactic restrictions on interactions with Earthlings, this technology is unavailable on Earth.



It was during development of the synthetic symbiotic species called ríxtahn that a near-sighted dwarven engineer discovered by accident the technology behind PTDs. The application of kíndallan biological material to his eyes during an unexpected explosion in the lab allowed him to see as well as he did with his glasses, glasses which had been destroyed in the accident.


Reporting back to Kíndallan High Command on the discovery, the dwarves expected to be shut down immediately in their request to continue their research on this development. But they were pleasantly surprised when cooler, more liberal heads prevailed and the High Command consented to allow their sacred DNA to be studied in this way.


Synthetic kíndallan DNA is pumped through an implant into the bloodstream of the wearer. The shape-shifting nature of the kíndalla is thereby passed on at a cellular level to the areas targeted by the implant. Injuries up to and including missing limbs and organs can be reversed, and impairments of all sorts can be overcome. The only real limits are those that wearers impose upon themselves.


Due to wishes of Kíndallan High Command, however, the synthetic DNA at the heart of this technology has a limited lifespan and must therefore be refilled by an authorized provider. This is theoretically to avoid misuse, though some throughout the universe accuse the dwarves of nickel-and-diming individuals who wish to use the technology.

Access & Availability
Widely available


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16 Jan, 2021 22:39

Oo, I love the discovery of this technology! That dwarf must have been surprised. Interesting how it's been limited by the Kíndallan High Command.

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E. Christopher Clark
17 Jan, 2021 14:09

Yeah, I like to think that they're limiting the tech out of fears that if someone were to get enough of their DNA they could create a whole artificial army of kíndalla.

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