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The House Down the Cape

Since the land was deeded to John Silver in exchange for his services to the Plymouth colony, a “swampy, undersized lot at the edge of the deep green sea” has belonged to the Silver Family. A number of different houses have stood on this spot, including but not limited to the following:


The Colonial


A colonial stood on the spot in the time of Silas Silver VIII and Esther Young. This house stood until Silas Silver IX tore it down at the request of his wife Ada. She claimed it was haunted by evil spirits.


Old Silas’ Victorian


The Victorian stood on the spot from around 1890, when Silas Silver IX built it for Ada, until it burned to the ground in 1950 on or about the the day that Robert Silver was born.


Grampy’s Cottage


Sometime after his father’s “garish” Victorian burned to the ground, Eli Silver built a smaller cottage on the spot to serve as a summer home for his family. In his later years, following the death of his wife Edna, Eli would live in the cottage year round. And following Eli’s passing, the house was passed down to his granddaughter Veronica and her wife Desiree. That couple would turn the barn that had once been Eli’s garage into a popular local theater.


Missing Mr. Wingfield establishes that Veronica and Desiree switched between two different bedrooms in the house during their time there. In 2004, their room was on the first floor. But by 2011 they were living in the master bedroom on the second floor, which had once been Eli and Edna’s.


Wingfield also establishes that a rec room on the second floor, where Eli’s grandchildren once played, overlooks the yard of their neighbor Doris Brown; and that there is a hedgerow which Tucker runs over as he escapes from the nearby barn.


Writing as-yet-unpublished as of 1 October 2019 establishes that the house had “weathered gray-brown shingles” by 31 August 1989, and that its shutters were “freshly painted blue.”

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