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Yeti are a sapient species of hairy, oversized humanoids in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. Hailing from planets unknown, they arrive in Eden at the start of each Interregnum and quickly split themselves in two factions: the Petty Yeti, who insist on a more traditional life in the frigid Nunyan Wastes; and the Sweaty Yeti, who shave their bodies bare and race for the more tropical environments of the south.


Though many are surprised to hear it, the resourceful, adapatable yeti thrive just as easily on the beach as they do in the frozen north. Like the great Frank Cushman in Jerry Maguire, they’ll either surf or ski. They don’t care much which.

Basic Information


Yeti are bipedal ape-like creatures with tough skin and a thick coat of fur. Though their limbs are somewhat longer and more muscled than those of their human counterparts—and their facial features skewed towards a more “squished” appearance—yeti who shave regularly could almost be mistaken for “normal” people.


Except for their ominous eyes, which either icy blue or fiery red, and for their razor-sharp canine teeth, of course. Those’ll give a yeti away every time.

Genetics and Reproduction

When it comes to reproduction, yeti have all the hallmarks of terrestrial placental mammals—leading some to believe they are somehow the genetically modified descendants of humans. Yeti give birth to live young, after carrying their fetuses to a relatively late stage of development inside of their well-appointed uteri.


In terms of getting pregnant, yeti are a horny, polyamorous folk who view the raising of the next generation as communal endeavor. Every adult in a given community is prepared to act as parent to every child, and every child is trained from a young age to see every adult as potential source of wisdom and support.

Ecology and Habitats

The most surprising thing about yeti to those who aren’t yeti themselves is that the species is nearly as adaptable as humanity. Like human beings, yeti require oxygen to breathe, liquid water to drink, and a steady diet of both plants and protein to fill their bellies, but they otherwise aren’t that picky.


Unlike humans, however, yeti colonize new lands only after careful consideration of the pre-existing life in a newly proposed place of habitation. Gentle giants, most yeti regard their strength and power as a great responsibility—a genetic advantage not to be used for nefarious means.

67 years
Average Height
9' 3"
Average Weight
610 lbs
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