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Bridge Over the River Quad

The Diggs Bridge, better known as The Bridge Over the River Quad, was built by Munchkin and Quadling prisoners of war in the immediate aftermath of Oscar Diggs’ Invasion of Oz. It connects the provinces of Munchkinland and Quadling Country near the river’s source of Lake Viridescent.


Because its original purpose was to make it easier for Diggs to deploy troops to the rebellious south, several attempts at sabotage were made during construction—unsuccessful attempts which drove Diggs and his witches to work the prisoners harder and harder.


The bridge was given its unofficial, though infinitely more popular name by Earthling refugees who felt the story of its construction bore a strong resemblance to the 1952 French novel The Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Founding Date
Second Interregnum
Parent Location
Owning Organization


Author's Notes

Special thanks to RPG Dinosaur Bob, who asked during my Twitch stream on May 16, 2022, “Is there a bridge over the River Quad?”

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