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Daisy Rampion

Daisy Rampion was Queen Consort of The Realm during Eden’s Second Age. Famous for her incredibly long blonde hair and for her facility with creating amici imaginarium, Daisy was a kind but mischievous woman. Having spent the first eighteen years of her life locked in a tower by a witch, she was also more than a little socially awkward.


Appearance & Personality

Daisy was bubbly, friendly, and awkward around other people. She delighted in the company of others, after so many years spent alone in her tower, but she wasn’t so good with social cues. She loved to be the center of attention, having had only a series of imaginary friends to keep her company as she grew up—all of them devoted to her out of fear that she’d forget them and they’d blink out of existence—and she got quite pouty when she was ignored. This led her to cause more than her fair share of mischief when she first arrived at court as the fiancée of the prince.


Appearance-wise, Daisy was delicate-looking but sturdy as hell. She was a thin woman, called sickly by some, but she was tough. She held her head high, kept her shoulders back, and carried herself with the pride and preparedness of a warrior. And yet, she also knew how to use her pretty face and her lovely decolletage to her advantage—and she took great pleasure in the ability of her broad smile to disarm even the worthiest of opponents.



Warning: Here there be spoilers.



Daisy was born to Earthling refugees during Eden’s Second Age. Her mother, while pregnant with Daisy, famously refused to eat anything but the salad greens growing in the neighbor’s garden. And because the family was poor, Daisy’s father took to stealing the vegetables rather than paying for them. This, of course, led to the abduction of the infant Daisy by the neighbor—a witch—who took the child as repayment for all of the stolen produce.


The witch, a siphon, took Daisy to a far-off tower and fed upon Daisy’s youthful energy for years.



The tower sat upon a small, rocky island in the middle of a raging river. The magic of that river, together with Daisy’s overactive imagination, made her a master at bringing imaginary friends (the aforementioned amici imaginarium‚ to life.


At first, she imagined cute and cuddly companions for herself. But when she became a teenager, she began to imagine dashing young beaus instead—young men as handsome as the princes in the storybooks she read day after day, and who doted on her like she was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. They sang her songs and brushed her hair and massaged knots out of the shoulders she’d kept so tense for so long, always fearing that the witch would come home to ruin everything once again—to remind Daisy of the world outside the tower, the world that she was being denied.


And yet, even they were eventually set aside. When she was nineteen and a real young man came calling at her window, everything changed.



After a brief courtship and a bit of unpleasant business with the witch, the tall dark and handsome prince rescued Daisy from the tower and took her back to his castle in The Realm to be his bride. And unlike several of the other couples made famous in “The One About the Woods,” they were lucky enough to live happily ever after.


Daisy Rampion


Towards Malik



Towards Daisy Rampion

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