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The Sister’s Regulars

While most visitors to The Strumpet’s Sister come through the doors just once—the building doesn’t stay in one place for very long, after all—there are some who never leave, or only rarely do so. These folks are called The Sister’s Regulars.


They are bound together by a singular focus on breaking the laws of life and death, of space and time. As such, they are the mortal enemies—pun very much intended—of The River Without End.


Initiation Rites

A person can become a Sister’s Regular in one of two ways: dying, or becoming so obsessed with someone who is dead that they cross paths with The Strumpet’s Sister more regularly than the average person (the Sister itself seeming to actively work against the “wishes” of The River Without End to keep sentient beings away from its waters and from meddling with space and time).


Codes & Laws

The dead who choose not to move on to whatever’s next comprise the bulk of The Sister’s Regulars. These individuals are unable to leave the boundaries of the Sister’s magic without the help of a living relative who uses the second variant of Ada’s potion to unstick them in time and bring them back to life.


The living who become Regulars thanks to their obsession with the dead are free to leave whenever they choose, but often choose not to.



The Regulars once believed that a single individual, The Barkeep, determined who could come and go. But a coup d'état by Ada Coffin (resulting in the death of The Barkeep who preceded her) helped the Regulars realize that, though The Barkeep’s powers are indeed numerous, those powers do not include the ability to choose who can leave.

The result of this action is that Ada and the barkeeps who followed her, while still held in high esteem because of the powers they do possess, are not worshipped as gods among men as they used to be.

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