Ada Coffin

Ada Coffin was one of the seven wives of Silas Silver IX. The events of her death are the subject of a play written by Matt Silver and attended by many characters in the novel Missing Mr. Wingfield.


Though she claimed to be “half-Wampanoag,” this claim of Ada’s has never been verified. In fact, her history before her marriage to Silas (first mentioned in the story “The Tale of Old Silas” and then depicted in full in the novella The Seven Wives of Silver) is shrouded in mystery. Often described as a “witch” or as “the Wiccan,” her belief in the supernatural is well-documented. This belief, of course, culminated in two events that profoundly shaped the future of The Silver Family:

  1. her request that her husband Silas tear down his parents’ house and build a new one for her in its place because the home was “beset upon by evil spirits”; and,
  2. the strange ritual she performed in The Seven Wives of Silver, elements of which would be used by future generations of Silvers to force epiphanies upon their unsuspecting relatives.
Currently Held Titles
1865 1892 27 years old

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