The Dance of Dreams


Destiny has a hold on them. But when their entire bloodline is threatened, will the bold actions of two fearless women trigger catastrophic consequences?


Death haunts Belinda Michaelson. After surviving an apocalypse in another dimension, the otherworldly barkeep is determined to keep her new timeline safe from the universe’s wrath. But she can’t resist tempting fate by staying close to those she called family in her past life.


Tracy Silver has finally found happiness. But after she accidentally frees a bitter foe from purgatory, she watches in horror as the resurrected woman murders her groom to settle old scores. Using a magical potion to bring him back from the dead—only to lose him again a few months later—the grieving bride ignites a dangerous race to win a century-long feud.


With Belinda stuck between a rock and a hard place when her time-traveling tavern disappears, she taps into her personal gifts to save her family and stop the world from ending once again. But with Tracy sailing through eras to “fix” the past, desperate to return her beloved to her arms no matter the cost, can Belinda convince Tracy to stop denying destiny before it’s too late?


Can they repair what’s been broken before Armageddon reappears with a vengeance?


The Dance of Dreams is the triumphant conclusion to The Stains of Time family saga series. If you like ricocheting anomalies, sly humor, and ordinary lives flipped on their heads, then you’ll adore E. Christopher Clark’s contemporary fantasy.


Preorder The Dance of Dreams to fiddle with the cogs of reality today!

The Dance of Dreams
E. Christopher Clark
Release Date
September 27, 2022


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