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Yeti Spaghetti

Yeti Spaghetti is popular dish throughout The Nunyan Wastes, and a must-have meal for tourists vacationing there to ski the Morose Mountains. That said, visitors from far-off lands will be very disappointed to learn that the meatballs which top the dish are not made from yeti meat—all salacious rumors to the contrary. The recipe actually gets its name from its importance in yeti society, where it is served as a meal at every young yeti’s fourteenth fur-day.



It’s spaghetti topped with tomato sauce, meatballs, and psychotropic mushrooms. Even you can figure that out, right?


Upon their exile into Eden at the start of The First Age, the yeti sought a meal to replace the piping hot Tahawa they used to mark their childrens’ transitions into adulthood in the days before The Calamity brought an end to their reality.


Introduced to Italian cuisine by a pair of Earthling plumbers who’d also been marooned in Eden after the end of the world, the yeti tried all manner of dishes as potential replacements for Tahawa before settling on—of all things—spaghetti and meatballs.


They added their own twist to the dish, of course. Beyond acting as hot meal as cold summer’s day, Tahawa had also served as a young yeti’s introduction to psychotropic drugs. And so, when the yeti discovered Happy Place mushrooms in abundance throughout the deep volcanic caves of their new homeland, they added them into the mix.


As for what’s in the meatballs—the yeti ain’t telling. That said, many outsiders suspect—given that a vast majority of yeti subsist on a plant-based diet—that the balls aren’t made of meat in any real sense.

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