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Cawlderenell is a remote settlement in The Nunyan Wastes. It is Eden’s top producer of Happy Place, a truly “magic” mushroom which is among the world’s most popular recreational drugs. And so, though life in Cawlderenell is hard—and really gosh-darned cold—most visitors to this place never leave. The hallucinogenic properties of the town’s cash crop make just about any experience a pleasurable one.


Even hypothermia and frostbite, man.


Cosmopolitan Cawlderenell is home to a diverse array of peoples, including large groups of yeti, humans, and halflings. A small contingent of dwarves also call this place home. And while their numbers aren’t great, the fifteen elves who live here are a boisterous bunch.


The one wolaríxkín who dwells within the city limits can never quite explain how she tolerates the frigid temperatures, but that’s probably because she’s always too stoned to form complete sentences and not because she doesn’t have an answer.


As with all of the Free Cities of Nunya, the community is governed by a Town Council and the whims of the Village Idiot.

Industry & Trade

Cawlderenell is home to the largest and deepest cave in the Wastes, and the abundant supply of mushrooms found there act as the town’s principal export. Mushroom harvesting is top occupation in town by a long shot, with only mushroom processing and packaging coming anywhere close.


The Happy Place Manufacturing Concern is the settlement’s number one employer, and has stake a claim on most of the prime spots for harvesting. That said, the upstart Half-Pint Whole-Happy Company—a halfling-founded startup—has begun to chip away at HPMC’s near-monopoly by staking claims to the deeper parts of the cave that only the diminutive halflings can reach.

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Author's Notes

Special thanks to Author Goddess for suggesting the town’s name during my Twitch live stream on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

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